Winter time, get ready! ❄️

Did you have that scary moment too? You look out the window and you see... nothing but white. And even more white. And wherever you always park your SUSHI BIKE: white.

Oh my gosh - is it gone?*

If only you had insured your SUSHI! Only recently did you stumble across the e-bike insurance with theft protection from hepster on the SUSHI BIKES website. It really sounded great. Why didn't you just fill in the few lines, click the three buttons - and you're done?! 😱 There you have the salad. And lettuce is really not a viable alternative to SUSHI.

Wait! You squint your eyes and as you slowly get used to the biting white, you can make out the contours of your snow-covered SUSHI BIKE under the masses of snow. You breathe . Lucky!

* If we're going to write about winter & weather, we at least want to get creative with the headlines and spice up this long-winded weather report with a few short rhymes.

It seems to you soon - he's cold!

This moment of relief doesn't last long, though. The next, frightening thought overtakes you right away: He must be freezing cold! 🥶 The hairs stand up on your arms. You look in the direction of the door, where your SUSHI battery is charging at the socket. Of course, lately you've always taken it into the apartment with you when you're not riding your bike. After all, you know that he doesn't feel comfortable in temperatures below 10°. But you could do so much more for your bike: Dress it up for winter, for example - with appropriate coats, mudguards and more 🧣🧤

You immediately slip into your shoes and jacket and hurry down to the yard to measure your tire size. The quick steps were a number too quick, because - boom - you're lying on your back and kicking like a helpless beetle with your legs in the air. Oops, it's smooth! At least you're wearing the beautiful SUSHI socks, they're something to be proud of.
You didn't fall flat on your head, but at that moment it clicked and you think: "How unnecessary! The SUSHI shop has but a suitable 37 coat set for my 28 inch rims!" 🤦‍♂️

Tip on the side: There are also helmets. They're great so that your head stays intact the next time you fall.



Sushi Bikes Socken


Oh no - it could be broken!

Before you try to get up, you feel every part of your body - everything seems ok. You are well insured anyway, just in case. Your gaze falls on your SUSHI BIKE - "What if I had slipped on ice with my bike?" It doesn't make any difference for your health insurance, it doesn't matter. But that wouldn't really matter to your bike either. 😞

You get up, quickly check the frame number (including frame size) of your SUSHI, which is stamped on the front under the handlebars, and sprint back up to your apartment. Without even taking off your jacket, you swing in front of your laptop to take out e-bike insurance directly, with which you are protected worldwide against accident, fall, transport damage and against damage caused by third parties or vandalism.

Are you ready? Certainly!

Then you also pack a helmet, the coat set and a couple of mudguards in the right size in the shopping cart 💥
"That feels good!" You think. "As if I finally said yes to my SUSHI BIKE - word given." After a moment's hesitation and with a smile on your face, you add the ring bell. 💍

Helm (M, L)


grauer Helm von ABUS in Größe S


schwarze Fahrradklingel

Well equipped and ready for the winter season, you now take another look out the window, down to your SUSHI BIKE. You give each other a quick wink, then you go into the kitchen and make yourself a big cup of hot tea. ☕️ Gorgeous!

There are so many reasons to love winter. Let your SUSHI BIKE become one of them! ❄️ 🚲