We deliver your SUSHI to your home! It's obvious...

The nice thing about everyone sitting at home is that, by definition, everyone is a homie.
So today our greeting is: Hey Ho, Homie!

Many sushi restaurants have already copied it from us: In Bavaria, the sushi is no longer sold out of the store, but delivered. Of course, this raises all kinds of questions. As a pioneer in the field of SUSHI deliveries, we want to address the following three questions today and - you don't suspect it - we'll provide you with the answers right away! #Delivery service

I. What are your delivery times like? And how long does it take?

II. and what comes with it? SUSHI Toppings - this is how you prepare the popular side dishes luggage rack and mudguards nicely

III. Can I try it first?! Alright, even though SUSHI tastes good to everyone

I. How are your delivery times? And how long does it take? ⏱

Are you also one of those who tracks the Lieferando driver via app the whole way? Then we've got something for you.
We've created an overview page where you can always see the latest status of each production batch. So if you want to know where your SUSHI is rolling around, or when there will be SUSHI for you if you order promptly, it's worth a click... yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm almost there.... here.
Fancy, right? But we wouldn't be SUSHI Bikes if we didn't add one on top: Let's face it, tracking like this has its pros and cons. It's nice when it moves forward, but when it doesn't, it's easy to get nervous. And when exit restrictions are added to the mix, it's best to find an adequate distraction. Because we care about your well-being, we've come up with a quarantine-worthy, fun, and educational pastime: Presenting: The SUSHI Bikes Puzzle!
Get familiar with the construction of your SUSHI Bike while you wait. This special edition comes in 100 pieces, but the 15-minute build challenge remains. 🤓 On April 8, 2020 we will give away four puzzles. Check out the SUSHI Bikes Insta-Story, we'll reveal how it's done there. Well, who dares?

For all those who have ordered so much sushi that unfortunately there is no more room for the puzzle, but who still want to find out about the upcoming assembly already: You can also go the regular (and possibly a bit more effective way) via our YouTube channel. Here you can find our specially made videos about the SUSHI assembly. Yes, I know, we have already communicated this via newsletter, but otherwise I would not have managed the transition to the next point...

II. and what about this? SUSHI Toppings - this is how you arrange the popular side dishes luggage rack and mudguards beautifully 🎬

... because there's more!
Bleib dahoam: The first people go crazy - we shoot videos. And to puzzle only would be boring. A bit of YouTubing in between, that's a must.
For a long time, the luggage carrier was like toilet paper last month: the demand was greater than the supply. First for the carrier itself, then for an assembly video of the same. But now it is finally so far! We proudly announce from 2 meters away: We have filled up our stock! You have the choice between the 4-ply.... uh, 4-minute luggage rack assembly video, or the extra strong fender assembly video.

III. can I try this first?! Alright, even though SUSHI actually tastes good to everyone ☝️

Too bad about all the fairs and test festivals that we had planned for and with you. All the nicer when then alternative solutions arise that are super accepted. At our service partner listnride you can rent a SUSHI bike in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Stuttgart. The 15€ daily rental fee will be credited to your account if you buy a bike. Sounds good? You can find more information on our test ride page.