From child seats, cool heads and tough arguments about VAT 🤯

Well hello, you've grown up!

Nice that we can talk again. We have a lot to tell you. Today everything revolves around the topic of growth. Admit it, you were also looking forward to this newsletter with growing anticipation.

I. Traffic and offspring: SUSHI with kids

II. Cool heads instead of hot water: The SUSHI Team

III. VAT reduction: increase in value for the SUSHI BIKE?

I. Traffic and offspring: SUSHI with kids 👪

The SUSHI fans seem to have a lot of fun with traffic. We are pleased, it was our intention to make this topic more pleasant for you.
We take the recurring inquiries about suitable child seats and child trailers as a compliment and as a clear indicator that everything worked out. Especially when it comes to trailers, we have already heard you groan loudly inside. That's why we finally wanted to have a satisfying answer to your questions. 😇
So we wedged ourselves directly behind it - as well as the child seat and the trailer behind the SUSHI. No problem at all, it was very easy! We have summarized what the SUSHI looks like as a family carriage and what you should consider when buying it on this page.

By the way: even the little ones seem to like SUSHI very much. You'll probably drive faster than ever with a trailer because you're now being cheered on from behind! Jiiiha!

II. Cool heads instead of hot water: The SUSHI Team 🔥

If you've read the last newsletter carefully, you already know Andy, Vera and Jan. But of course you can't always leave them alone. In the kitchen at SUHI Bikes we have not only cooked with hot water for a long time - no! - but also with the help of many cool heads. Here you can see who is involved and where exactly they are.

Feel free to visit our About page, there's also a link to the blog. ✌️

III. VAT reduction: Increase in value for the SUSHI BIKE? 💸
In the last few days we have received many inquiries about a possible price reduction due to the reduction in VAT. If you've been paying attention, you know today is about growth. So that just excludes thematically, categorically and anyway fundamentally. 🙅‍♀️
Ok, you will hardly be satisfied with this reason. That's why we want to explain our arguments to you in more detail (this way the text gets a little bit bigger):
1. SUSHI BIKES was founded with the idea of ​​giving the maximum product to the customer. An affordable e-bike should make this type of mobility accessible to a new target group and change things for the better. Offering an e-bike for 999 euros is really not easy and can only be realized with a super tight margin. We have accepted this so far and have not increased the price despite the following points. That's why we now want to stick to the gross price of €999, especially since communication about SUSHI BIKES is closely linked to this price.

2. This Corona crisis, which led to this reduction in VAT, presented us with great challenges as a super young company. Not only maintaining the supply chain, but absorbing all the cost increases was and still is super difficult.You can certainly imagine that freight costs are increasing immensely, because many large companies are having to do a lot of logistics. Prices for components are rising and potential price negotiations for economies of scale, which would be super important for our business model, were stopped because demand is outstripping supply in the The bicycle industry is currently massively exceeded.

3. Now you might be thinking: "Well, if the demand is so high, then you don't have to complain". That's right, we're lucky and haven't had a slump in demand due to the crisis. But this enormous rush for bicycles took place mainly in retail, because the desire for immediately available bikes was of course extremely high. We are also noticing positive effects, but for the reasons mentioned above, this doesn't change much in terms of our low margin per bike.

4. We are continuously improving the SUSHI BIKES. Lights were not initially announced as part of the scope of delivery and were not included in the price, but we still added a set of lights to every bike delivered. Shortly before delivery, we switched to a high-quality Shimano bottom bracket, massively optimized the battery holder over time, constantly improved the packaging and adjusted an incredible number of small things that increased the costs for us, but we didn't change the price.
A little insight: The additional costs far exceed the potential VAT savings of around €25.

5. If you read along now, you will get an exemplary guided tour through the curiosity of this measure against the background of the pre-order topic.
Let's start with the following example: In March we received two orders. One of them related to a readily available Maki, which we will be delivering in June. The second order, however, was a California roll, which is to be delivered in July. Now both paid the same amount at the time of ordering, but the buyer of the California Roll will be refunded the difference in the VAT reduction afterwards, while the buyer of the Maki will remain at the same gross price. That would be a nice compensation for the waiting time, but that's certainly not the point.
Anyone who has been following SUSHI BIKES for a longer period of time knows that it has always been and still is important to us that every customer is treated equally and that loyalty should be appreciated. That's why we don't give discounts for any campaigns, for example.

6. The VAT reduction will probably cause more work for us than we would generate additional income. Examples: Many customer inquiries, conversion of the shop system, adjustment of invoices and marketing materials, higher accounting costs and many other points.
I hope you understand our motivations. Incidentally, we are not the only ones who are not yet completely convinced of this alleged incentive to buy, as the Handelsblatt sums up nicely.
Thank you for your understanding and your support on this topic.

Overwhelmed by all the arguments? Then let's break it down and say very flippantly: In theory, a SUSHI BIKE that is delivered in the second half of 2020 is simply worth more. So an increase in value. 😉

We then also restored the thematic reference... peace, joy, SUSHI.
And that's it.

No, really now.

There is nothing more.