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Assembly and instructions

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All instructions and assembly videos

Either watch all the assembly videos for the 3.0 models and the + models on our YouTube channel. Or take part in the Sushi Academy course, where Nik will show you step by step how to build your SUSHI 3.0, with valuable tips and tricks. Decide for yourself whether you prefer to watch the videos on YouTube or complete the Sushi Academy course at your own pace.

Building your Maki 3.0 or California Roll 3.0

Your bike arrives 90% fully assembled. Just a few more steps and you can start cycling!

Assembly: How do I assemble my SUSHI BIKE?

Will my SUSHI BIKE be delivered fully assembled?

Our SUSHI BIKES are delivered pre-assembled. Practically 90 percent of the work has already been done. All you have to do is screw the pedals on your e-bike, clamp the front wheel, fix the handlebars and adjust the saddle. All the tools you need to assemble are included in the packaging. The instructions are included. You can also find them on the website, as well as a detailed assembly video.

What is the best way to get my SUSHI BIKE out of the packaging?

To do this, take all loose parts out of the box and prepare a soft surface. Grab your SUSHI BIKE by the head tube and frame and carefully pull it out of the box. Place the fork on the surface and make sure that your SUSHI BIKE cannot fall over. You can then remove the packaging material.

What do I have to pay particular attention to when assembling my SUSHI BIKE? What do I have to consider when installing accessories for my SUSHI BIKE?

Always use appropriate force when assembling all components (and during future maintenance). Too much force can damage your bike when setting it up. We have defined the appropriate torque for almost all screws. You can find a list in the instructions under Chapter 4.2. Accessories: If you have ordered an LCD display, a luggage rack, mudguards or another product in our shop, you will find the relevant instructions linked directly in the product information.

How is the front wheel attached to my SUSHI BIKE?

Open the quick release lever and carefully unscrew it. Then insert the front wheel and make sure that the wheel sits straight. Then screw the quick release tight again and close the lever. Important to note: If you are building a California Roll 3.0 or have ordered mudguards separately for your Maki 3.0, you must attach the mudguards before inserting the front wheel!

How are the handlebars mounted on my SUSHI BIKE? How are the pedals attached to my SUSHI BIKE?

First you have to completely unscrew the four screws on the stem clamp. Hold the handlebars on the stem in the desired position. Make sure that the brake levers are positioned correctly and are easily accessible in the later sitting position. Now place the handlebars in the middle and tighten the four screws of the stem clamp. Assembly tip: First screw in two screws that are diagonally apart and press the handlebars into the correct position before screwing them completely tight. Then screw in the two additional screws with appropriate force. The position of the brake handles can later be adjusted individually using the screw on the handles. First, note the markings on the pedals as the threads are different. R stands for right and L for left. First screw the right pedal clockwise by hand. Then use the open-end wrench to fully tighten the pedal with appropriate force. Repeat the steps for the left pedal. This time turn counterclockwise.

How is the saddle of my SUSHI BIKE mounted? Can I also have my SUSHI BIKE assembled?

First connect the cable from the taillight in the frame to the one in the seat post. Then carefully push the seat post into the seat tube. Be careful not to pinch any cables to avoid damaging them. Roughly adjust the saddle to your height and carefully tighten the seat clamp screw. Of course, you can also have your new SUSHI BIKE assembled by a specialist workshop. Simply select one of our service partners in the checkout. Your order will then be delivered to this partner. As soon as your assembled SUSHI BIKE is ready for pickup, you will be informed. The service fee for assembly is 60 euros including VAT. If you have ordered accessories, the installation for the first attachment will cost you 15 euros. For each additional 10 euros. You pay for the assembly directly on site when you pick it up.