What does SUSHI BIKES have to do with the Japanese specialty? One rolls, the other are Rolls. So who doesn't immediately think of SUSHI when they think of e-bikes? The idea behind the name is as simple as our mission: Everyone should be able to make a contribution to green mobility. That's why we developed an e-bike that you can afford and which also looks extremely cool. In our opinion, sustainability only works if it is accessible to everyone and if it is fun.

SUSHI BIKES Gründer Andy Weinzierl und Joko Winterscheidt

We are Andy and Joko, founders of SUSHI BIKES. With SUSHI BIKES we have developed an e-bike that costs less than half of an average electric bike and convinces with the pure design of a single-speed bike, quality and lightness. Our goal is to make flexible, green urban mobility accessible to everyone. That's why we've been stepping on the gas since the launch in 2019: In February 2020, the first SUSHI BIKES are already on the streets. Based on the valuable feedback from the first customers, the models Maki+ and. will follow in September 2021 California Roll+. After three years of company history, we are now launching the third bike - the SUSHI BIKE 3.0 with many new features and new colors. Let's roll!


Vision & Mission

The Better Movement

A centuries-old technology still dominates the streetscape in 2023. We have to come up with something new to improve the mobility of tomorrow.

We want to make mobility better, rethink it, bring movement into it. In the heads and on the streets. For us, green mobility is a lifestyle that starts with a feeling and ends with a revolutionized streetscape.
Let's recover the streets with lifestyle in motion!

You. We. Collectively.



Marlene Kur


She juggles with bikes, containers, pallets, ships and trucks. Marlene makes sure that your SUSHI BIKE gets to you.

Andy Weinzierl


You have this man to thank for SUSHI BIKES. Andy had a great idea in 2018 - and today he has an even stronger team.

Yannic Fischer

Business Intelligence

Numbers, facts, code. Fast and data-based insights into our business make Yannic the support wheel of gut feeling.

Madeleine Leichner

Customer Support

The voice of SUSHI and the ear to the customer. Whether by e-mail or telephone - Madeleine is at your disposal.

Greta Schmalhorst

Process Management

Greta makes sure that you always enjoy your SUSHI and that you get the best service that you absolutely deserve.



Sam is our Office Dog and undoubtedly deserves the title of Chief Cutie Officer.

Kati Brandle


Kati does our product management. She decides what's in our SUSHI, all the trimmings.

Samuel Schössel


Sam is not only responsible for the finances, but also for the staff and always advises a data-driven way of thinking.

Emma Ehrenberg

Product & Brand Design

Emma does our product and brand design. Everything beautiful comes from her hand.

Nick Bauman

Product Expertise

Do you have technical questions about the bike? Nik will be happy to answer them for you. You know him from our many videos.

Vera von Zworowsky

Performance Marketing

Google, website, email marketing. Lots of touchpoints, lots of data, lots to do in the field of performance marketing.

Mahtab Saber


Costs, taxes, liquidity, terms of payment - these topics end up on the table at Mahtab, or in many Excel spreadsheets.

Lisa Willman

Head Of Marketing

Lisa drives the marketing team to peak performance and makes the SUSHI brand even better known, even more tangible.

Lukas Embacher


Lukas wants the whole world to ride SUSHI BIKES. He searches, finds, examines new locations and new countries.

Robin Knuth

Social Media

Robin does social media. So a bit of strategy, a bit of marketing, a bit of content. Give him your like.



Nelly is our Office Dog & Chief Cutie Officer and is always there when you need someone to scratch.

Hannes Lenz

Customer Support

Have you never received an answer to your email so quickly? Hannes was definitely at work there!

Anna Luppert

Service partner key account

Anna is expanding our service partner and test ride network with the aim that you can test ride and have your bike serviced in more and more cities.

Sarah Jacobi

Human Resources

Development and contract issues? Exactly Sarah's thing. Your application will also come through to her. ;)

Maike Kreuzer

Supply Chain

Maike coordinates our supply chain. It ensures that all companies involved work well together.