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We firmly believe that with sustainable mobility in cities we can reduce CO2 emissions and ensure a better quality of life.

With SUSHI BIKES we have therefore developed an e-bike that costs less than half of an average electric bike - reduced to the essentials, light and puristically designed, and made in Portugal.

With our concept, we want to make flexible, green city mobility accessible to everyone and thus sustainably change the urban landscape for the better.


Everyone can move around cities flexibly, comfortably and without negative impact


We build the most popular value lifestyle bikes and make them the most efficient form of transportation

  • Our community is the foundation and driving force of our company, so we place the highest priority on creating the best customer experience ever offered by a bicycle manufacturer.

  • Putting thousands of bikes on the road comes with a huge responsibility towards the planet and people. We are aware of this responsibility and are constantly rethinking our actions to make a positive contribution to our diverse world.

  • We lay the foundation for scalability. We are courageous and think beyond conventional boundaries, we tackle things independently and decisively. We stick together as a team, take innovative paths and celebrate successes together.

  • We care about our mental and physical well-being and take time to develop ourselves personally, putting our health above our work.

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This is what moves us as a brand

Quote Andy

“I strongly believe that with the right mobility in cities, we can reduce CO2 and effectively contribute to a more beautiful cityscape and ensure a better quality of life.”

  • ANDY


    You have SUSHI BIKES to thank for this man. Andy had a strong idea in 2018 - and has an even stronger team today.
    If Andy hadn't founded SUSHI BIKES, he would have become a rock star.

  • Lisa

    Head of Marketing

    Lisa drives the marketing team to achieve top performance and makes the SUSHI BIKES brand even better known, even more tangible, even better.
    Her greatest talent lies in giving all employees a creative nickname.

  • Mike

    Head of Supply Chain

    As the head of the SCM department, she is an all-rounder: leadership, logistics, scheduling, controlling & customer support - she motivates her team to have fun in the company's engine room.
    With her green thumb, she ensures that our plants in the office never wither!

  • Sam

    Mr Sunshine

    Sam is the rooster in the basket among our office dogs and undoubtedly deserves the title Mr. Sunshine. If he greets you joyfully in the morning, all is well with the world.

  • Clara

    Team Engagement & Office Management

    Klara is our all-rounder for everything in the team, whether events, HR or
    Office move: If the team is happy, then Klara was at work.
    At SUSHI BIKES parties she is the woman with the most impressive dance moves.

  • Stefan

    Web Development

    Stefan is our web development genius. He conjures up codes that bring our website to life.
    In addition to crazy website effects, Stefan is also responsible for the most creative GIFs in the team.

  • Nadia

    CRM management

    Nadja is our customer relations expert. She knows our customers as well as their favorite films and ensures that they are always up to date.
    Musically, Nadja enjoys being inspired by Chris Brown sounds.

  • Hannes

    Team Lead Customer Support

    Hannes specifies the processes for our customer service. This means his team has every opportunity to make our customers happy before, during and after their purchase!
    As you can easily see from the picture: he is a model part-time.

  • Robin

    Creative Concepter

    Robin is our man for creativity. Are you impressed by the SUSHI BIKES imagery & our creative campaign ideas? Then give Robin your like!
    Robin is popular in the team because of his chef skills, among other things.

  • Nelly


    Nelly is our Chief Cutie Officer and is always there when you need someone to pet. Even though she is no longer the youngest, she always impresses with funny costumes at SUSHI BIKES parties and usually leaves the office as the last to party.

  • Tamira

    Founder's Associate

    There is no task that Tamira cannot solve. As CEO Andy's secret weapon and lead in business development, she turns the craziest ideas into reality. Tamira is not only popular in our team. Thousands of fans follow her on Instagram.

  • Joyce

    Community management

    Joyce is our link to you! It deals with your feedback and provides valuable insights from the community.
    She is known in the team for the most legendary sayings - follow us on threads and experience it yourself.

  • Nico

    Business intelligence

    Fast and data-based insights into our business make Nico the training wheel of gut feeling.
    In the team, as SUSHI BIKES' internal star DJ, he always ensures the best sound at parties.

  • Vivian

    Account Finance Manager

    Vivian takes care of our finances. Controlling, billing, cash flow - the concentrated Power Finance know-how.
    As a part-time job, Vivian has successfully made a name for herself as a SUSHI BIKES party waitress.

  • Sebastian

    Bike expert

    Sebastian takes care of our B-stock bikes; what he can't repair isn't broken.
    A visit to Sebastian's workshop is always a celebration, and not just because of his dog Pepples.

  • Ruby

    Barketing Manager

    Ruby is our barketing manager and likes to make people laugh with a lot of power and joy.
    Balls of any kind should be hidden from her.

  • Manuel

    Customer Support Specialist

    Manuel makes you happy. He will make sure to answer your inquiries as quickly as possible. In writing, by phone - you can reach him on all channels. Some have dogs - Manuel has a snake at home!

  • Celine

    Art direction

    Celine is our creative head for graphics and brand design. She breathes life into our brand and ensures that we are remembered visually. Celine originally comes from Frankfurt, in this sense 'GUDE'.

  • Pebbles

    Screwdriver Doggo

    Pebbles is our workshop boss. No matter who wants to visit her owner Sebastian below: you first have to pass Pebbles. Above all, Pepples coordinates the cardboard disposal completely independently.

  • Ole

    Logistics Coordinator

    Ole ensures that your new SUSHI BIKE arrives quickly and smoothly. He coordinates our outbound logistics, i.e. all logistics processes towards the customer.
    Meetings with Ole become a pleasure when his daughter Helena sits on his lap.

  • Laurin

    Product Manager

    Laurin does our product management. He decides what is included in our SUSHI BIKE.
    Laurin likes to appear in meetings without warning with a mullet wig and dreams of one day owning a Porsche.

  • Leah

    Customer Support Bike Specialist

    Chris is our technical part in customer support. Do you have a question about your SUSHI BIKE? No problem, as a trained two-wheel mechanic, Chris knows every screw on our bikes!

  • Jonas

    Performance marketing

    Jonas keeps an eye on our KPIs and ensures the efficiency of our marketing channels. Lots of touchpoints, lots of data, lots to do in the area of ​​performance marketing.
    In addition to numbers, Jonas is also particularly good at juggling heavy weights in the gym.

This is the story of SUSHI Bikes

Quote Andy

"I wanted to build the E-BIKE for people who don't want to ride an E-Bike yet."

Dream team


We are Andy and Joko, founders of SUSHI BIKES. With SUSHI BIKES we have developed an e-bike that costs less than half of an average electric bike and impresses with the pure design of a single-speed bike, quality and lightness. Our goal is to make flexible, green urban mobility accessible to everyone. That's why we've been really stepping on the gas since the launch in 2019: the first SUSHI BIKES were already on the streets in February 2020. Based on the valuable feedback from the first customers, the Maki+ and California Roll+ models will follow in September 2021. After three years of company history, we are now launching the third bike - the SUSHI BIKE 3.0 with many new features and new colors. Let's roll!

Quote Andy



Why Sushi Bikes?

Originally the brand was not supposed to be called SUSHI, but rather DRAIS. Inspired by TESLA, Andy wanted to breathe new life into his bicycle brand by reviving a historically significant figure, "Karl Friedrich von Drais". Drais invented the balance bike and served as a key source of inspiration for all developments in the field of mobile transportation.

Unfortunately, the name was already trademarked and Andy didn't want to start his new venture with legal trouble. So Joko and Andy sat down one evening to brainstorm a name. A new name had to be found by midnight. That evening they ordered sushi, the catchiness of which stayed with them throughout the evening. So SUSHI BIKES was ultimately born from the idea.

  • 1997

    Andy and his sister grew up with his father - Thomas - in his bicycle workshop, which he ran in the evenings after his full-time job at BMW.

  • 2008

    At the age of 13, Andy went on longer bike tours with his father Thomas, for example to Milan, Rome, Paris, Prague, Vienna.

  • 2010

    Andy becomes “Munich’s first cycling star”!

  • 2011-2014

    2011 Andy founded his own online magazine in 2011 because his texts were not accepted by other publishers. In 2014, Andy founded “Sponsor Mio”, with which he wanted to bring together young talents with brands through sponsorship deals. Both start-ups did not bring the desired success.

  • MAY 2018

    Andy was outraged when his father, a bicycle lover, bought an e-bike. Thomas had to force Andy to ride the e-bike.

    "After I drove it through Schwabing, I was totally amazed!"

  • June 2018

    Andy and dad Thomas build the first prototype together in the bicycle workshop. The prototype was stolen during the first photo shoot.

  • July 2018

    Andy takes his first draft to the EuroBike trade fair and meets with 20 suppliers there. 18 called him crazy when he wanted an e-bike for under €1,000. A single supplier said it would be possible. He actually built the first 11,000 SUSHI BIKES.

  • August 2018

    Andy gets a stand at the "Streetlife Festival" in Munich and gets the chance to exhibit his bike there for the first time. With this campaign, Andy managed to collect 1,100 entries for his Kick Starter campaign.

  • March 2019

    SUSHI BIKES is founded.

  • JULY 2019

    The SUSHI BIKES online shop goes online.

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