Lease your SUSHI BIKE from the leasing partner of your choice. When leasing a company bike, you benefit from up to 40% price savings through salary conversion. The best? Because it's debited directly from your gross salary, you don't have to worry about anything.

  • Environment and health

    Company bike: Green, smart alternative to leasing a car. Avoid traffic jams, save on searching for a parking space, promote the environment and health.

  • Really save

    Leasing: Up to 40% cheaper thanks to advantageous taxation. Billing via the monthly payroll, calculate your individual savings using the leasing calculator.

  • Safely on the go

    Fully insured and always safe on the road. You can order your helmet and other accessories directly.

Do you still have questions?

Can I also use my leased bike privately?

No matter whether it's for the way to work or to the gym, you can use your new bike whenever you want.

Does leasing an e-bike make sense and is it really worth it?

There are many good reasons for leasing a company bike! With our SUSHI BIKE leasing you save money thanks to salary conversion and also protect the environment. Bicycle leasing is a good and climate-friendly alternative to a leased car. A company bike keeps you fit and active - on the way to work and in your free time. If you have a permanent employment contract and are therefore an employee, your employer can provide you with a company bicycle. The monthly leasing payments are offset directly against your gross salary. This saves you tax and social security contributions. This means there are no costs for your employer and only minimal bureaucratic effort. If your company would like to participate additionally, it can tax the e-bike leasing as a monetary benefit. For you as an employee, this means: less stress and paperwork and more time for bike rides through the city. Depending on the e-bike model selected, gross monthly salary and tax class, this results in savings of up to 40% compared to buying privately.

How much does it cost to lease an e-bike? How can I calculate the leasing rates?

The costs for e-bike leasing differ depending on the e-bike model and leasing provider. Thanks to the tax advantages, you save up to 40% when leasing SUSHI BIKE compared to a private purchase. You can calculate your personal benefit using our providers' practical benefit calculators. In addition, your potential monthly rate and the actual net charge per month are immediately displayed here. This information is not guaranteed, but will give you an idea of ​​the costs of leasing.

Which leasing providers does SUSHI BIKES work with?

You currently have the option of leasing your SUSHI BIKE through the following leasing companies:

The advantages of each provider differ minimally, so you will find the right partner for you.

Where can I apply for leasing?

Of course, that depends on which one
Leasing provider you choose. All information about
Registration of the leasing can be found on the following pages:

Which SUSHI BIKE can I lease? In which cities can I lease a SUSHI BIKE?

The 3.0 models are currently primarily available for leasing. Leasing a SUSHI BIKE is basically possible anywhere. E-bike leasing in cities like Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne or Stuttgart is particularly suitable. Motorized company bikes are perfect for quick trips in the big city. Regardless of whether you decide to lease a SUSHI BIKE in Nuremberg or Leipzig - a leased SUSHI BIKE is a green and smart alternative to a company car.

What do I do if the leased bike breaks?

Our leasing partners sometimes offer the right ones
All-round carefree packages when making a purchase, in which the
Costs of possible repairs etc. are fully covered.
In some cases there is even the possibility of, in the event of an accident or
In the event of theft, you can contact an emergency number around the clock. We have
You can find all the important information from the providers on the following pages
compiled, there you will also find all the information about the breakdown and

Can I also order the right accessories for my SUSHI BIKE?

Yes, when you sign an individual leasing contract, you can order leasing accessories directly online and benefit from the tax advantages here too. These include locks, lights, mudguards, luggage racks and many other products. It is important that the accessories are included in the respective offer
The specialist dealer is listed directly. Unfortunately, you can no longer include accessories for your leasing company bike in the leasing contract.

You can find further information and frequently asked questions about the respective providers on the following pages:

SUSHI BIKES wishes you a lot of fun with your new bike.

For which employment relationships is SUSHI BIKE Leasing not an option?

The leasing contract always has a term of 36 months. If you already know that you will not complete the 36-month contract term, leasing is not recommended for you.

Our support team will be happy to answer any further questions you may have!
Just give us a call and let us advise you on our leasing partners:

You can reach us by phone Tuesday to Friday from
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m