Anyone who brings a product to market has a great responsibility.



We have only one planet on which we can ride SUSHI BIKES. We have to protect it.



The sustainable idea behind SUSHI can only work if it is produced and used accordingly - by people whose welfare we care about.



A product needs a market. If a sustainable product is too expensive, it will not be bought. If it is not economically profitable, it does not exist on the market.

Either you design your product to be as sustainable as possible, or you create a product that drives sustainability. ...

... We combine both approaches by seeing this commitment to all life on our planet as an ongoing process that begins with the big idea of sustainable mobility and extends into the intricacies of everyday life."

The Challenge

Most of the bicycles offered worldwide are produced in Asia. Unfortunately, negative prejudices regarding ecological and social standards give Asian production a bad reputation.

Admittedly, it is not easy to trace the entire supply chain of individual bicycle components, but we accept our responsibility and are always striving to improve continuously in order to contribute our part to a more sustainable development.


We got this

- We are actively measuring our emissions with the help of ClimatePartner to make our environmental goals specific and measurable.

- We are a member of the Fair Cobalt Alliance to increase impact on cobalt extraction and support fair labor conditions throughout the supply chain.

- We are looking for solutions to recycle materials and are working on concepts to recycle our batteries.

- We ship our SUSHI BIKES and accessories as sustainably as possible and are constantly striving to improve.



At SUSHI BIKES, we are aware of our responsibility towards the planet and people and are continuously working to drive sustainable initiatives.

Starting in 2022, we are the first e-bike brand to become a member of the Fair Cobalt Alliance, whose goal is to increase the impact on cobalt extraction and support fair working conditions along the entire supply chain. That makes us very proud!

Andy & Nadine tell you more in this video:


Want to learn more about the Fair Cobalt Alliance?
In a guest post on our blog, David Sturmes talks about the challenges associated with the extraction of cobalt and why an industry-wide collaboration is being sought.