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• We are actively measuring our emissions with the help of ClimatePartner to make our environmental goals specific and measurable.

• We are a member of the Fair Cobalt Alliance to increase our impact on cobalt extraction and support fair working conditions along the entire supply chain.

• We are looking for solutions to recycle materials and are working on concepts for recycling our batteries.

• We ship our SUSHI BIKES and our accessories as sustainably as possible and make every effort to constantly improve.

• Our bikes have all been Made in Portugal since generation 3.0.



At SUSHI BIKES, we are aware of our responsibility towards the planet and people and continuously work to advance sustainable initiatives.

At the beginning of 2022, we are the first e-bike brand to be a member of the Fair Cobalt Alliance, whose goal is to increase the impact on cobalt extraction and fair working conditions along the entire support supply chain. That makes us very proud!

You want to know more about the Fair Cobalt Alliance?
In a guest post on our blog, David Sturmes reports on the challenges associated with the extraction of cobalt go hand in hand and why an industry-wide collaboration is sought here.


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The BIKEBRAINPOOL, a think tank of committed and well-known representatives of the bicycle industry, has existed since 1996. The goal is to promote cycling.

In October 2021, 22 companies adopted the Bike Charter, the Corporate Social Responsibility action plan for sustainable management in the bicycle industry.
The 18 subject areas of the charter include, for example, production, location , social relevance and strategic CSR management. In addition, 110 concrete options for action are suggested as to how these goals can be achieved.

After our CEO Andy has already been to several BIKEBRAINPOOL events, we decided that we would like to become part of the project in the long term. Since November 2022 is therefore also SUSHI BIKES part of the Bike Chart. By signing it, we committed ourselves to implementing at least two specific projects to promote environmental protection and social justice in the coming year. Progress will be externally reviewed after one year. The projects are then bundled in a playbook and presented at an event in order to share the insights with all those involved and to impart knowledge to one another.

The projects that we will tackle in the coming year, among other things:
- Certification as a bicycle-friendly employer by the ADFC
- Creation of a CO2 balance
- Compensate for unavoidable emissions


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The 17 goals for sustainable development are political objectives of the United Nations, which are intended to ensure sustainable development on an economic, social and ecological level worldwide. The objectives apply to industrialized countries as well as to developing and emerging countries.

You want to learn more about the SDGs?


Either you design your product to be as sustainable as possible, or you create a product that promotes sustainability. ...



Wir haben nur einen Planeten auf dem wir SUSHI BIKES fahren können. Diesen gilt es zu schützen.



Die nachhaltige Idee hinter SUSHI kann nur funktionieren, wenn es entsprechend produziert und genutzt wird - von Menschen, deren Wohl uns am Herzen liegt.



Ein Produkt braucht einen Markt. Ist ein nachhaltiges Produkt zu teuer, so wird es nicht gekauft. Ist es wirtschaftlich nicht rentabel, existiert es nicht auf dem Markt.

... We combine both approaches by seeing this commitment to all life on earth as an ongoing process that begins with the grand idea of ​​sustainable mobility and extends to the intricacies of everyday life."