New year, new office, new SUSHIan, new info about shipping costs

Konnichiwa dear SUSHI friend,

the holidays are over and I hope you had a good start into the new year. The long awaited newsletter is back, this time with three delicate topics:

I. Aye, aye, Captain! Free Shipping from 1100 Euro

II. the SUSHI family gets a new member

III. "Hey man, where's my SUSHI bike?"

I. Aye, aye, Captain! Free Shipping from 1100 Euro! 🎁

We tried everything, but the shipping costs for a SUSHI Bike are simply enormous. With the tight calculation behind the 999 Euro, we can't include the shipping costs. But we will now try a - as we think - very fair deal: If you order accessories and thus reach an order value of 1100 Euro, we will pay the shipping.

Due to frequent requests, here's a note for orders placed in the past: Unfortunately, we cannot offer this promotion retroactively. Also, we have not set an exact end date yet.

II. the SUSHI family gets a new member 🙋

Long overdue, but now all the nicer: The SUSHI family has officially grown: Welcome, Vera!

She will be devoting most of her time to marketing topics and making SUSHI even more delicious for you and everyone else out there. But she will also be involved in all other topics (wasabi, ginger and co.).

III. "Ey man, where's my SUSHI bike?" 🗺

Like little kids, we sit here in the office in front of a world map and watch the ships that are currently on the high seas, loaded with the SUSHI Bikes of the first production batch. The first boat will arrive at the port of destination in the first week of February. We will be on site to provide you with pictures and live reports. We are super excited, we are sure you are too!

As you know by now, this batch includes all orders received by early/mid December. If everything goes according to plan, the bikes will go out to the SUSHI bikers directly in February.

Orders received after mid-December will be included in the new production batch. This is just starting and is expected to arrive in April. Of course, this batch is also limited in quantity and might be sold out again soon.

...And here is a little greeting from the SUSHI kitchen:
We moved to a new office in the heart of Munich. Fun-Fact: Previously there was a sushi restaurant in here, so we are continuing the traditions. Soon we will provide you with info and photos - watch out #foodporn !

Let`s roll and roll...
and roll...

Andy & Vera