LCD display

You have ordered the new LCD display for your SUSHI bike. A really good choice, you will love it! ☺ ️ Now of course you want to know how to change the display and how it works. And that's exactly what Nik shows you in this video. ⬇ ️

Here again, briefly and concisely, what you should pay attention to:

🛠 Do not over tighten the display: When the display is tight on the handlebars, tighten the screw another 1/4 turn. It is better to tighten a little too loosely and bit by bit in the beginning than to be too violent with your new display.

🛠 Pay attention to the haptically highlighted arrows on the connectors. These must point directly at each other.

🛠 Only the upper lateral button is relevant. You use it to switch the display on and off. The lower button is intended for workshops and should not be used.

🛠 By tilting the display, you can switch between the five support levels up and down.

Have fun with your new display! 🙌🏼