tjuub battery bag+/3.0

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👍 Passt für alle 3.0 und +Modelle

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How appropriate! This second battery bag was specially developed by tjuub for the SUSHI battery+. The cool bag is made from recycled bicycle inner tubes (including our own) and can be attached to the top or seat tube of your SUSHI BIKE using two Velcro fasteners, e.g. . So you always have your additional battery+/3.0 well stowed away and even have space for small valuables.

Of course you can also use the tjuub bag for completely different purposes (without a battery), for example if you ride a different bike.


• Perfect fit for the battery of the models Maki+ & California Roll+ or Maki 3.0 & California Roll 3.0

• Nnot suitable for the battery of the models Maki & California Roll

• Made from recycled bicycle tubes

• Space for extra battery+/3.0 & valuables

• Handsewn in Germany

• Velcro secures bag while riding

• Dimensions: 24cm x 8.5cm x 8.5cm

• Brand: tjuub

ATTENTION: Due to the different geometry of the bikes, the tjuub battery bag+/3.0 is perfect for the Maki+ and Maki 3.0. Of course, it can also be attached to the California Roll+ and California Roll 3.0.


In the case of a bike order, we will send your accessories with the bike. If you need the item sooner, please order it separately.

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