Shapeheart phone holder

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We proudly present: The Shapeheart mobile phone holder, consisting of the Shapeheart Magnetic Mount and the Shapeheart Steel Plate. You attach the mount to the handlebars or stem of your SUSHI BIKE using the silicone strap. You attach the self-adhesive plate to the back of your smartphone's plastic cover.


• Magnetic Mount: 32mm in diameter and 15mm thick

• Steel Plate: 48mm in diameter and 1.5mm thick

• Brand: Shapeheart


In the case of a bike order, we will send your accessories with the bike. If you need the item sooner, please order it separately.


Only smooth and completely clean plastic covers are suitable for attaching the plate. To prevent the plate from detaching, the smartphone must never be pulled upwards when removing it, but only to the side. Hold onto the plate and the mount.

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