Today is Inventors' Day 💡

The invention of the wheel was probably one of the most important inventions of mankind, that much is certain. The question of who is the greatest inventor in this context, or who influenced the development of the wheel the most, is debatable. If it's up to us, a lot can be traced back to the Weinzierl family tree.
So today we're celebrating Andy and his family. We sent our best reporters and paparazzi on the hunt and after extensive research we were able to understand and prepare the family history for you so that we can now proudly present it. Find out here and today, on Inventors' Day, how Andy invented the wheel (of our hearts).

Ready? 🙌

Of family trees, city trips and SUSHI 💥

The interest in bicycles goes back a long way in the family. So let's start our story in 1970 in Munich. Great-uncle Werner builds his own racing bikes in a small workshop. Altogether there are probably around 70 pieces, all of which he sells under the Neumeier brand.

Of course we have a photo for you too! One of these magnificent specimens has secured a place in our office. 🚲

22 years later, Papa Weinzierl also opened a bicycle repair shop in Munich, this time in Bogenhausen. Andy still talks about his father's golden business cards to this day.Besides a permanent job, family and the bicycle workshop as a part-time job, there is sometimes little time and that's why Andy spent many hours side by side with his Father screws, welds and...

... cycles. Well, what else?

Andy and Papa Weinzierl don't just repair wheels. No, they also explore the world with them. You can cycle to Milan, Vienna, Paris, Prague, Rimini or take a tour around Mallorca.

Dad's e-bike was also what gave Andy the first food for thought towards SUSHI BIKES. As a student in Munich, he has to commute a long way every day. From the apartment to the university, to a student job, to friends in the city - and back again. Public transport has never really been a solution for Andy and the car is unsuitable for inner-city routes. Papa's e-bike would have solved the problem, but seriously: You just can't show up on campus with it. 🤦‍♂️ There is also the student budget.

Why not build an e-bike that looks cool, is practical and affordable? So the Weinzierls get to work. Papa Weinzierl already has experience with e-bikes because he keeps tweaking his own bike. After all, he doesn't want to ride "an ordinary e-bike for old people".

Yippie-Yippie-Yeah! It's 2018 and the joy is great: the father-son team has built the first prototype.
But the cheers soon fade away: Exactly one day later,the prototypeis stolen during the first photo shoot. 😱

If you now think the story is over... Well then you would not be a fan of SUSHI BIKES today, nor would you have read the last paragraphs carefully. Of course, the two don't give up that easily. 💪
Papa Weinzierl and Andy continue to tinker and made a second prototype. This will be finished in September 2018 and is very reminiscent of today's SUSHI BIKE. Father and son put their bikes to the test for the first time at the Streetlife Festival in Munich, at that time still under the brand name the concept work? How's the response?

The bike has to please, because Andy has already set himself big goals: He wants to sell more bikes than his great-uncle and dad Weinzierl (Andy has already won this challenge. 😉)

And you probably know the last few lines: At the end of 2018, Joko came on board as an early supporter and co-founder and the brand is going through a rebranding process. becomes SUSHI BIKES. 🎉
The website will be launched in July 2019 and since then we have been able to call Andy the inventor of our favorite bike.

Because we want to celebrate him today - and know that he loves photomontages - here is one last picture.

Wow, what a picture book story!

The passion for bikes in the family began with great-uncle Werner, Papa Weinzierl continued this passion with his bike workshop and Andy? Andy's affair of the heart is called SUSHI BIKES! 🍣

In this sense: Have the courage to implement your own ideas! 💡