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Maki 3.0 in the Essential Bundle

Maki 3.0 in the Essential Bundle

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E-Bike Maki 3.0 (Size)
E-Bike Maki 3.0 (color)
Mudguards for Maki 3.0 (color)
Save up to 40% on leasing through Jobrad compared to a private purchase.

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Technical data
Perfectly equipped, your Maki 3.0 is complemented by matching mudguards, a luggage rack and a sturdy bike stand. Ideal for everyday life. Save now compared to purchasing individually and equip yourself completely!
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Single speed

Our e-bike impresses with its easy operation without gear shifting. With five support levels, it offers individual pedaling support.

5 levels
25 km/h

Light as a feather

Take your SUSHI BIKE with you everywhere. Did you know that e-bikes with integrated battery packs are heavy? Your SUSHI BIKE is almost as light as a normal bike.

Weight bike
Pushing aid
6 km/h

Huh? E BIKE!

Our bike looks awesome! Enjoy the look and power without it looking like a typical e-bike!

Removable battery

Take your battery with you everywhere - your SUSHI BIKE stays where you parked it and your battery also serves as a power bank!

24V / 9.6Ah

Convince yourself

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Joko Winterscheidt and 25,000+ other people are already riding a SUSHI!

  • Integrated lights

    Experience the perfect symbiosis of safety and style with your SUSHI BIKE! The integrated lights, powered by the powerful battery, not only make the road shine, but also give your e-bike an extra dose of style.

  • Innovative display

    No frills, easy to use without an app! Even with gloves by simply pressing.

  • Puncture-proof tires

    Our tires are (almost) indestructible! Thanks to a special woven fiber, sharp objects are no longer a problem!

  • Hydraulic brakes

    These brakes not only guarantee smooth stopping, but also give your ride a lot of style.

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