In Rotterdam there's SUSHI

SUSHI is swimming in the harbor of Rotterdam.
In this sense: Ahoy dear SUSHI crew!

Maybe you have already heard about it on our social media channels. The first SUSHI bikes have arrived in Rotterdam - of course that calls for info! We don't want to keep you in suspense any longer, so today we're publishing a newsletter again. Yummy!

I. The new culinary delicacy from Rottedam: SUSHI - so not cheese.

II. We'll get you ready to go: Top equipped with bike insurance and luggage rack.

III. what do Sido and SUSHI have in common? Both celebrate their blog. Yeah, ah.

I. The new culinary delicacy from Rotterdam: SUSHI - so not cheese. 🍽

The first SUSHI bikes have arrived in Rotterdam and so SUSHI is now officially European. Huh? Yes, exactly... We didn't want to leave anything to chance either, so we went to our logistics partner in Rotterdam (with Sabine behind us, it went super fast!). We took a look at the processes and prepared everything so that the shipment would go as quickly and smoothly as possible. So far so good! As soon as the container with the batteries arrives, we're off and the first bikes will reach their happy owners at the end of February. It remains of course that the orders will be processed chronologically. You will get a tracking link with which you can follow your SUSHI order and plan accordingly... almost like a delivery service. If you are one of the first to order, you can be especially happy, because you will get a little surprise along with your SUSHI bike. #HappyMeal
For us it was absolutely cool to see the full camp and we are sure, you are feverish with us and follow the next weeks with great excitement as well :)

II. We get you ready to go: Top equipped with bike insurance and luggage rack 💯

You want to insure your new SUSHI bike? We have done some research for you and found the perfect partner in freeyou. Maybe you have already stumbled across freeyou on our website? Now we have finalized the process and provide you with all the information you need:
It was important to us to make the process as simple as possible for you. That's why our website takes you to a landing page that has been specially adapted to SUSHI and has all the relevant settings. The application process is therefore easy to understand for everyone and you only have to make a few individual entries. The freeyou insurance comes into effect from the following day. That means you can fill out the application when your SUSHI is delivered and get on the saddle the next day super safe and carefree. So you don't pay a day too much :)
A little treat for all the proud Bavarians among us (and all those who would like to be, like to drink our beer or, or, or): For each concluded insurance freeyou plants a tree in Bavaria - very cool, we think. This will make our bike trails even greener.

Last but not least... and always good if you have big loads to carry: Since recently you can buy carriers in our store! Yay! You have surely noticed that the SUSHI carrier is rather the reserved type. First he had to wait a bit and now he didn't want to attract too many glances at the beginning. Therefore, there's him, true to the motto "less is more", for now only in matte black. From May on, however, the matching colors for the California Roll C1 and C2 will most likely be available.

III. what do Sido and SUSHI have in common? Both celebrate their blog. Yeah, ah. 😎

My city, my district, my neighborhood, my area
My street, my home, my block, my block
Yeah, ah.

Sings Sido. We nod our heads in agreement to the beat and think: Yeah, we see it the same way. And because with your SUSHI bike your city becomes your home and your neighborhood becomes your block, and our block could also be your block... we'll make it short: Nice that you came to visit us here - in our blog. Yeah, ah.