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Additional battery 1.G

Additional battery 1.G

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  • SUSHI BIKES Akku, der mit einem Smartpohne via Kabel verbunden ist und so als Powerbank dient

An additional battery in your backpack gives you more range and therefore even more fun on your Maki and California Roll. Weighing only 800 g and a size of around two and a half credit cards, the battery gives you an electric range of up to 40 km in city traffic and can also be used as a mobile power bank for your smartphone with 24 V and 5.2 Ah.

ATTENTION: The additional battery is only compatible with the Maki & California Roll models. This additional battery is not suitable for the Maki+ & California Roll+ and Maki 3.0 & California Roll 3.0 models.


• Weight: 800g

• 130 Wh


• Lithium-ion cells

• Charging time after full discharge: 3 hours

• Can also be used as a power bank thanks to the integrated USB socket

• Compatible with Maki & California Roll models

• Not compatible with Maki+ & California Roll+ and Maki 3.0 & California Roll 3.0 models


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In this video, Nik explains how you can extend the performance and lifespan of your battery.