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E-Bike Maki 3.0 - Breeze Blue

E-Bike Maki 3.0 - Breeze Blue

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Delivery in summer

Get the Maki 3.0 in Breeze Blue! Buy today and look forward to delivery between June 15th and July 15th.

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Breeze Blue - Limited Edition

Limitierte Farbe. Lackstil: glänzend.

Breeze Blue ist mehr als nur eine Farbe, es ist eine Lebenseinstellung. Sie erinnert dich daran, dass es Zeit ist, neue Wege zu gehen, die Straßen zu erobern und das Leben in vollen Zügen zu genießen.

30 days return policy

We firmly believe that you will be impressed by both our products and the mission behind them.
If you still want to return your order, you benefit from our 30-day return policy .

Scope of delivery bike

  • Pedals
  • Spoke reflectors
  • Reflectors front and rear
  • bell

Everything complies with the Road Traffic Act

Technical data Size advice
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Single speed

Our e-bike impresses with its easy operation without gear shifting. With five support levels, it offers individual pedaling support.

5 levels
25 km/h

Light as a feather

Take your SUSHI BIKE with you everywhere. Did you know that e-bikes with integrated battery packs are heavy? Your SUSHI BIKE is almost as light as a normal bike.

Weight bike
Pushing aid
6 km/h


Urban landscapes globally are changing, so we all need to adapt. Mobility, particularly bicycles, are playing a central role in reshaping cities as we know them. At SUSHI BIKES, we see e-bikes as a trigger for this change. We want everyone to be able to move around cities flexibly, comfortably and without negative impact. Our SUSHI BIKE is not an ordinary bike. It's truly the bicycle among e-bikes; it's stylish, lightweight, and affordable. Designed with sustainable mobility in mind, it is accessible to all, empowering people to embrace environmentally conscious urban transportation. Let us embark on a journey to bring our vision to life.Are you with us? #Let’sroll!


Our bike looks awesome! Enjoy the look and power without it looking like a typical e-bike!

Removable battery

Take your battery with you everywhere - your SUSHI BIKE stays where you parked it and your battery also serves as a power bank!

24V / 9.6Ah

Convince yourself

Book your test drive


Carmushka and 25,000+ other people are already riding a SUSHI BIKE!

Make it your bike

Suitable accessories for your SUSHI BIKE

  • Integrated lights

    Experience safety and style with your SUSHI BIKE: Integrated lights and a powerful battery ensure visibility and style.

  • Innovative display

    No frills, easy to use without an app! Even with gloves by simply pressing.

  • Puncture-proof tires

    Our tires are (almost) indestructible! Thanks to a special woven fiber, sharp objects are no longer a problem!

  • Hydraulic brakes

    These brakes not only guarantee smooth stopping, but also give your ride a lot of style.

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Would you like to mount a child seat or a trailer on your SUSHI BIKE? No problem!

More about child seats and trailers