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E-bike insurance: Protection and security for your SUSHI BIKE

While e-bikes were unaffordable for most people just a few years ago, motorized bicycles have now become an integral part of the cityscape. Bikes have now made their way into the mainstream of society. However, they are not only popular means of transportation, but also valuable investments that need to be protected. Once you have fulfilled your dream of owning your own SUSHI BIKE, you naturally want to make sure that your bike is optimally protected. E-bike insurance offers you financial protection against theft, accidents and other damage. So you can cruise through the city on your SUSHI BIKES without any worries.

Does e-bike insurance make sense?

Have you fulfilled your dream of owning your own e-bike and are wondering whether you even need to insure it? First, a distinction should be made between different types of e-bikes: Pedelecs and S-Pedelecs.

  • In the legal sense, Pedelecs are bicycles with motorized support. Here the motor only switches on when you pedal and switches off automatically when you reach 25 km/h. This type of e-bike does not require insurance. You can usually insure your Pedelec with bicycle insurance.

  • S-Pedelecs, on the other hand, must be insured because they are legally considered a motor vehicle. They may only be operated with the necessary driving license and have vehicle documents and a license plate. Accordingly, you also need motor vehicle liability insurance.

Since it is a simple Pedelec, you are not obliged to insure your SUSHI BIKE. Whether you should do it anyway depends on your individual situation. Most providers insure e-bikes with a purchase value of up to 15,000 euros. However, there are no lower limits here. It is often said that an e-bike should only be insured if it exceeds a certain purchase price. But even if you have bought a comparatively cheap e-bike, insurance is usually worth it. Because the insurance takes effect in the event of damage and covers the costs incurred. Depending on the scope of services, the theft of your bike is also covered. If you cannot afford to buy an e-bike again, you should urgently take out insurance for your bike.

How much does e-bike insurance cost?

The premiums for e-bike insurance vary depending on the scope of insurance and individual factors. Simple theft insurance can often be booked cheaply as an addition to your existing household contents insurance. Otherwise, you can additionally insure your bike with classic bike insurance. As a rough guide, you can expect annual premiums of around 3-5% of the new value of your e-bike. As with any other insurance, it is worth comparing different insurance providers and their individual tariffs and specific conditions. This will help you find insurance that meets both your protection needs and your budget.

Which insurance is suitable for me?

There are different types of e-bike insurance that offer different levels of protection. The most common options are:

  • Theft insurance:
    This insurance is often an addition to household contents insurance. It only covers the loss of your e-bike due to theft. If you have an accident or your bike breaks down in some other way, you will have to cover the costs yourself.

  • Partial insurance:
    Here you are financially protected against damage caused by theft, fire, vandalism, storm or hail. When choosing insurance, pay particular attention to the specific services and the exact scope of insurance in order to choose the best option for you.

  • Fully comprehensive insurance:
    This insurance is the all-round, worry-free package. It offers comprehensive protection against theft, accidents and damage of any kind. As a rule, as with partial comprehensive insurance, a deductible is due in the event of damage.

What are the differences in e-bike insurance?

As with vehicle insurance, the insurance policies for e-bikes differ primarily in their coverage. You shouldn't choose the first bike insurance you come across. Compare different providers and check whether their services and offers meet your protection requirements. From time to time you can also get discounts and special offers from some insurance providers. Especially as a trainee or student, you often have the opportunity to take advantage of an offer with reduced conditions.

Is liability insurance required for e-bikes?

You must insure your e-bike with motor vehicle liability insurance if it meets the legal requirements for an S-Pedelec. These are e-bikes with pedal assistance up to 45 km/h. These e-bikes are equipped with insurance plates and must be insured with liability insurance. This is not necessary for e-bikes with lower speeds. However, private liability insurance is always recommended. Liability insurance for your e-bike only applies if you cause damage to other people or their property. This means that liability insurance does not cover your own damage to the e-bike.

Is liability insurance enough for an e-bike?

Whether liability insurance alone is sufficient depends on your individual safety needs. If you want comprehensive protection against theft, vandalism and personal damage, you should take out special e-bike insurance. It ensures that you are financially protected in the event of damage to your own e-bike.

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