Kompatibilität mit Kindersitzen und Anhängern


Would you like to mount a child seat or a trailer on your SUSHI BIKE? No problem!

Below we give you recommendations for compatible child seats and trailers. Since we cannot assess each trailer and child seat individually, we ask you to ensure compatibility at your own risk and liability.

Child seat compatibility


With the Maki or Maki+, any standard child seat with a seat tube mount fits. The diameter of the seat tube is 31.8 mm.

With the California Roll and California Roll+, due to the low entry, the space on the seat tube is limited to just 10 cm (the diameter is also 31.8 mm). Here you can only install child seats with a very short bracket. We recommend using a child seat for the luggage rack . This means you are less restricted in your choice.

Urban Iki

Depending on the model, Urban Iki child seats can be mounted both at the front of the bike and at the rear of the luggage rack.

You should note the following:

At the front of the bike

Mounting on the head tube

The Urban Iki front seat is intended for kids up to 3 years old or a maximum of 15 kg and fits all SUSHI BIKES. Installation is carried out using the included mounting block. If necessary, a windbreak can also be installed.

Due to the sportier ergonomics, the steering radius of the Maki may be limited.

At the back of the bike

Mounting on the luggage rack

The rear seat is suitable for kids up to 6 years or 22 kg. It is attached directly to the luggage rack, so purchasing the SUSHI BIKES luggage rack is essential for secure installation of the child seat.


Rear wheel axle diameter

The power of your SUSHI BIKE is definitely enough to pull a trailer in urban areas and on normal inclines.

When assembling a child trailer, the dimensions of the rear axle of your SUSHI BIKE are very important: The dimension is M12 x 1.25. The diameter of e-bikes is usually larger compared to conventional bicycles.

The following adapters are compatible with your SUSHI BIKE and are suitable for many child trailers from different manufacturers.

  • Solid axle adapter


    This adapter is suitable for trailers from Thule, Qeridoo or Burley, among others.

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  • Universal adapter


    The solid axle adapter universal is also available including a dismantling lock. It is suitable for fans of Thule, Qeridoo or Burley, among others.

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    If you already have a universal adapter without a dismantling lock, you can easily retrofit it with the conversion set .

  • Solid axle adapter


    This solid axle adapter is suitable for all Croozer trailer models from 2018.

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  • Solid axle adapter


    This adapter is suitable for Weber couplings of type E, EL and ES.

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For our pictures we used two pendants from Qeridoo: The Kidgoo1 and Kidgoo2 . These can be installed easily and even without an adapter, as the axle of the SUSHI BIKE is compatible with these models.