Mit einem Herzfehler E-Bike fahren

Riding an e-bike with a heart defect

Today we would like to introduce you to Jana and Rike. Both share the fate of a congenital heart defect HOCM, have an implanted defibrillator and pursue a vision: They want to be the voices that say: Your heart is much stronger and capable of much more than you believe right now! In their podcast , they combine knowledge and experiences from our lives as adults with congenital heart defects (EMAH). They talk about everyday topics, conduct interviews and share what helps us connect with our power.

In this interview they talk about their experiences with the SUSHI BIKE and how much riding an e-bike makes everyday life easier for them.

SUSHI BIKES: How did you actually get into riding e-bikes?

Jana: Even as a small child, I noticed that normal cycling was far too strenuous for me due to the congenital heart defect. Although I always had a normal bike and learned to ride a bike with it, I could only ride it for very short distances, such as to the supermarket around the corner. In addition, I never dared to drive on the road and always fled to the sidewalk so as not to stop or disturb other road users. So I felt really restricted and I could never actually go on any real tours with it.

When I was 10 years old, the first “sensible” e-bike (2001) was on the market, which I received as a gift from my mother. Back then, e-bikes were still quite loud, heavy and bulky, but I quickly could no longer imagine life without an e-bike.

Rike: I grew up on the slopes of the Elbe in Dresden and have hardly ever ridden my bike. Because every way home meant having to drive up a steep path - I just never managed that. Because while cycling or during such exertion, I suffer from enormous pain throughout my body.

When I was 12 years old, I was given a mountain bike as a gift. At the time, no one could have guessed that this meant pure torture for me, because I didn't want to expose myself and admit my pain, so I pretended that everything was okay. E-bikes were simply too expensive back then, so I never wanted one.

Until I moved to Berlin, I had hardly ever ridden a bike. I no longer own a car and I often take public transport, but that is sometimes very difficult in Berlin. Jana gave me the idea to try an e-bike.

SUSHI BIKES: Why did you choose the SUSHI BIKE?

Jana: Well, I'm currently using an e-bike from another brand, which I'm also very happy with, but I'll be getting my own SUSHI BIKE very soon and I'm really looking forward to it!

Rike: In fact, I don't even remember exactly when and how I became aware of SUSHI BIKES. Since I didn't know whether I would be able to handle an e-bike well, I didn't want to spend huge amounts of money. Most e-bikes on the market are not only exorbitantly expensive, but at the same time not attractive, clunky and far too heavy. Because I also have to carry the bike into the basement, I have to make sure that the e-bike is not too heavy and that it doesn't reach my physical limits. The SUSHI BIKE is relatively light, compact and affordable.

And honestly? Good design is simply important to me and the SUSHI BIKE definitely has that.

SUSHI BIKES: How does the SUSHI BIKE / e-bike make your everyday life easier?

Jana: My e-bike (soon my new SUSHI BIKE) makes my everyday life easier, so I ride almost every day. Especially for work, but also for shopping or visiting friends. In fact, I rarely take the train; I primarily use my bike. Only with the e-bike is it possible for me to ride a bike and enjoy the feeling of freedom and mobility. I am very grateful for that!

Rike: I use my SUSHI BIKE more and more often for trips in the city. On the one hand, I don't have to sit in the smelly, noisy subway and on the other hand, I'm sometimes even faster. This is not insignificant for mental health in such a big city ;)

SUSHI BIKE: What do you value most about your SUSHI BIKE?

Jana: I appreciate the powerful motor on my e-bike and the fact that I have an almost upright seat. Nevertheless, I think the SUSHI BIKE is much nicer than my bike and it simply suits me better visually because it looks young and dynamic. Just the way I feel. I'm all the more excited that I'll soon have my own SUSHI BIKE.

Rike : I think it's great to have an e-bike that doesn't scream “Look, I have a lot of motor built into it”. It just suits me better - because I have a severe disability, but I still feel like a young, dynamic person who would like to ride a stylish, light bike.

SUSHI BIKE: What feeling does riding an e-bike give you?

Jana: Freedom! Mobility! Flexibility! Independence! 💚

Rike: One of the most beautiful moments was overtaking a young guy on his sporty racing bike uphill - never happened before in my life! :D

I feel strong and light with it. That's a great feeling - something I've rarely experienced in relation to my body.


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