E-Bikes im Aufwind – nicht für Vanmoof?

E-bikes on the rise – not for Vanmoof?

E-bikes have been experiencing enormous growth for years. Nevertheless, the Dutch company Vanmoof fought for survival. In this blog post, we take a look behind the scenes of the bankruptcy and how this came about and what the background is. E-bikes on the rise – but not for Vanmoof ? The Dutch company Vanmoof has become one of the best-known e-bike manufacturers in recent years. But the company's recent insolvency is causing uncertainty among customers and interested parties.

What does this mean for the future of Vanmoof and can you still buy e-bikes from other manufacturers? 

Vanmoof 's bankruptcy is a hard blow for the company, but also for the entire industry. The reasons for this are varied and range from internal problems to external factors such as fierce competition in the market. But despite the bad news, the e-bike market segment remains promising. There are numerous other manufacturers that offer high-quality electric bikes. However, you should make sure that you are not only guided by the price, but also pay attention to quality and, above all, service. Overall, developments in the e-bike market show that more and more people are relying on environmentally friendly mobility. This also has an impact on the entire transport infrastructure and can help make road traffic safer and more sustainable overall. Despite the difficult situation at Vanmoof , there remains a lot of potential for the e-bike segment - a development that we will have to continue to monitor closely in the future.

What does bankruptcy mean for customers? What does bankruptcy mean for customers?

This question is currently on the minds of many Vanmoof customers . The bankruptcy of the Dutch e-bike manufacturer has caused uncertainty. An app is used to lock and unlock the bikes, but it will probably no longer work if the servers are switched off. One of the main competitors, namely the e-bike manufacturer Cowboy, could have the solution to this: The company is developing an app called “Bikey” that, among other things, can be used to copy the digital key to the smartphone. We have an insider tip for the real techies among you: You can find instructions online, such as here, on how to bypass the Vanmoof software and unlock and use the bike even without an app.

Why did Vanmoof have to file for bankruptcy? And will it affect other e-bike manufacturers?

This question concerns many customers and interested parties. According to the company, the corona pandemic has had a significant impact on Vanmoof 's financial situation . Although demand for e-bikes increased last year, the company was unable to produce enough bikes to meet the high demand. In addition, delivery bottlenecks from suppliers led to delays and additional costs. The planned expansion of business in the USA and Asia also caused high costs that the company was unable to cover. The bankruptcy should now help to restructure the company financially and enable a realignment.

Can you also buy other e-bikes if Vanmoof goes bankrupt?

The good news is: Yes, there are numerous other brands and models on the market that compete with Vanmoof , such as our SUSHI BIKES. However, you have to remember that Vanmoof appealed to a very specific target group and many customers came to Vanmoof precisely because of its unique design and technical innovations. But other manufacturers also offer similar products that can meet the needs of Vanmoof customers . So it's definitely worth taking a look at the competition and also considering other e-bikes. There are many options to choose from – both in terms of design, technical features and prices. Ultimately, however, it remains to be said that Vanmoof 's bankruptcy represents a bitter loss for the market. The company had taken a pioneering role in innovative technologies and designs and delighted many customers. Nevertheless, the e-bike market segment remains promising and there will certainly be many more innovations - even without Vanmoof .

What do I have to pay attention to when choosing an e-bike manufacturer?

Even if the risk of bankruptcy is of course a rarity, it makes sense to look into the possible bike manufacturers and their advantages before buying. We recommend choosing a customer-oriented brand with an extensive network of service partners and partner workshops. In order to prevent problems like the Vanmoof case , the following points should be taken into account when comparing different e-bike manufacturers:

Make sure that there are cooperating service partners in your area where you can also have smaller repairs carried out. Even in the event of a minor defect, the entire bike must be returned. In the example of Vanmoof , the problems could sometimes not be solved in ordinary bicycle workshops because Vanmoof has completely individualized all spare parts. Be sure to look at the individual parts of the bike beforehand and check whether you can easily have them replaced in an emergency. Our SUSHI BIKES, for example, are also compatible with standard parts from other providers, such as brakes, handlebars, grips, etc.

Cool, but impractical: Certain e-bikes can only be unlocked using an app. If this goes offline (as is the case with Vanmoof ) the bike cannot be used. So maybe stick with a good but reliable bike lock again.

Short logistics chains through production in Europe. Many manufacturers of city e-bikes continue to rely on production sites in Asia to produce their bikes, which makes transport routes significantly longer and therefore results in additional emissions. Manufacturers with production facilities in Europe benefit from higher product quality, shorter transport routes and more flexibility in the event of fluctuations in demand.


Despite the bad news, the e-bike market segment remains promising. Despite Vanmoof 's current bankruptcy, the e-bike market segment remains promising. The increasing demand for environmentally friendly and practical means of transportation in urban areas will continue to increase the need for e-bikes.

There are many other brands that offer high-quality e-bikes and therefore represent an alternative to Vanmoof . Customers don't have to worry that they won't have the opportunity to buy a high-quality e-bike. Rather, they should take time to compare different options and choose the perfect model for their needs. Vanmoof 's bankruptcy should not be taken as an opportunity to lose confidence in the future of the e-bike market. On the contrary, it is an incentive for other brands to develop innovative technologies and designs to meet the needs of customers and exploit the potential of this growing market.

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