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Which cycling clothing makes sense?

What advantages does cycling clothing offer?

If you just go to the supermarket around the corner or to the park, you don't need any extra clothing for cycling. But for longer distances and especially if you have a long commute or like long bike rides, things look completely different. Because cycling clothing differs from everyday outfits in a few ways:

- It's functional

- breathable

- and often also wind and water repellent

If you regularly ride your bike, you should get a basic set of cycling clothing so that you are prepared for all imaginable weather situations.

What do I wear for cycling?

A suitable cycling outfit almost always consists of several parts. If you travel a lot in urban areas, you should look for comfortable and elastic fabrics that are functional and stylish at the same time. The basic equipment includes a shirt or jersey, base layer, pants, arain jacket and a helmet . Important: Your outfit should always protect you from wind, cold, sun and rain.

Is there special cycling clothing for e-bikes?

No, it does not exist. The only important thing is that you are always dressed a little warmer when e-biking than on a normal bike - after all, your electrically assisted bike saves you a lot of work and therefore sweat.

This is how the e-bike rule of thumb applies:

Better to wear one more layer than on a traditional bike. Especially newbies who switch to electric bikes are often not immediately aware of this fact.

Which pants are suitable for cycling? Are there special pants for commuters?

When people think of cycling shorts, many people think of tight bib shorts for racing cyclists or robust outdoor shorts for mountain bikers. There are now also modern commuter trousers that look like ordinary jeans or chinos, but still have the practicality of functional clothing.

- They offer more mobility and comfort on the bike thanks to higher stretch content and hidden seams.

- The quick-drying, breathable and water-repellent material is ideal for those damp mornings on the way to work.

- Special cycling shorts are also cut slightly higher to protect you from strong winds.

- The inside of the trousers are also equipped with reflectors so that you can be clearly seen in traffic at night.

Which outerwear is suitable for cycling?

A cycling jersey or cycling T-shirt is ideal on top. These are made of either synthetic fibers or merino wool. Synthetic fibers are particularly breathable and effectively wick moisture away from the body, where sweat then evaporates, which is particularly suitable for strenuous tours. Merino wool, on the other hand, has the advantage of being less sensitive to odors and is therefore ideal for longer cycling trips.

Important: Conventional cotton T-shirts are less suitable for cycling. They hardly transport any moisture and then stick to your back, especially during sweaty stages - this creates a clammy, cold feeling on the skin, which is just unpleasant!

On cooler days, you should choose long-sleeved midlayers - i.e. warm jerseys or tops that offer further protection with a high collar. Their functional materials protect you from the cold and still release excess moisture to the outside. Of course, you can also combine a short-sleeved cycling jersey with a jacket - depending on how flexible you want your outfit to be and how cold the temperatures are outside.

How should cycling clothing fit?

As with other sports clothing, the fit and the associated freedom of movement are the most important selection criteria. Many cycling jerseys and shirts fit close to the body and are slightly longer at the back than at the front in order to fully cover the back, even when leaning slightly forward. A rather narrow neckline also keeps the wind away. In addition, tight cuts enable the most effective moisture transport. If you value aerodynamics on your bike, you should choose an outfit that is as body-hugging as possible and doesn't flap in the wind. You should still note:

- Cycling jerseys that are too narrow are restrictive, which can quickly take away all the joy of a tour.

When it comes to cycling shorts, you should also make sure that they fit perfectly. This is the only way to prevent unpleasant friction. Well-fitting cycling shorts have no seams that rub and the waistband doesn't pinch either.

Do children need their own cycling clothing?

This is not absolutely necessary for shorter tours. But if you're planning longer bike trips, you should think about padded cycling shorts for children. The joy of cycling is then less quickly spoiled by uncomfortable sitting. A children's cycling vest is also recommended to increase the visibility of the little ones. The integrated light reflectors help enormously in dark lighting conditions.

Which cycling clothing should be worn in summer?

In summer the most important thing is not to overheat! Breathability is then of greatest importance. On the hottest days of the year, textiles should be as light as possible and effectively release excess moisture. Open mesh structures also ensure active cooling. Important: The shoulder and back area should always be covered with UV-resistant fabrics to prevent burns.

Which cycling clothing is recommended in winter?

The saying “There is no such thing as wrong weather, only unsuitable clothing” also applies to cycling. The top priority in wet or cold conditions is the onion principle common in the outdoor world. One layer of clothing is pulled over the next so that you can easily adapt to changing conditions if in doubt:

- When biking in winter, underwear with merino wool content is particularly suitable as a base layer. This stores heat and does not cool down as quickly in the wind as synthetic fibers.

- Thin jackets or sweaters made of stretch fleece are suitable as an intermediate layer, so-called midlayer.

- If the temperatures are really cold or it is particularly wet, wear either a windbreaker, a rain jacket or a cozy softshell jacket with insulation filling.

Where can you buy cycling clothing and what costs should you expect?

You can find cycling clothing in any specialist sporting goods store. If you prefer to order from home, you also have a huge selection of online shops for cycling clothing online. Good to know: Many fashion retailers now also offer cycling clothing!

How much your outfit costs cannot be said in general terms and depends primarily on the quality of workmanship. The selection ranges from affordable offers for beginners to absolute premium products for the professional segment. The following applies: special and off-season sales as well as collection changes are always an opportunity to find bargains.

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