General guarantee conditions of SUSHI Mobility GmbH
(Dutch version below 🇳🇱)

1. General

This two (2) year limited warranty is a voluntary warranty from Sushi Mobility GmbH (“we” or “us”) as the manufacturer of SUSHI BIKES. It grants the buyer of our products, in particular the buyer of a SUSHI BIKE (“you” or “you”), additional rights independent of the rights granted by consumer protection laws (see Section 2). These legal rights are not limited by the guarantee.

The services under this guarantee are therefore intended to be a supplement and not a replacement for the rights granted by German consumer protection laws.

As a consumer, you can choose whether to claim the service in accordance with this guarantee or in accordance with your statutory consumer protection rights. However, the provisions of the guarantee do not apply to claims arising from statutory consumer protection rights.

2. Sushi products and German consumer protection laws

If a product is defective, you can particularly claim the rights under Sections 434 ff. and §§ 474 ff. of the Civil Code. This means that you can request a repair, replacement, a price reduction or a refund of the purchase price from us free of charge for goods that have defects or do not comply with the purchase contract. These rights are valid for two (2) years from receipt of delivery.

The guarantee in accordance with these guarantee conditions also applies to our products, in particular the SUSHI BIKES. This guarantee applies independently of and in addition to your statutory rights under German consumer protection laws.

If the product you purchased from us has a defect or does not comply with the purchase contract, you can either make a claim in accordance with German consumer protection laws or this guarantee.

Products that are not marked with the SUSHI brand but were purchased from us are also subject to German consumer protection laws. However, these are not covered by this warranty.

3. Scope of the guarantee

We guarantee that the SUSHI BIKES bearing the SUSHI brand as well as other original parts and accessories from SUSHI BIKES, for which we are the sole manufacturer, and the electronics listed below are free from defects in workmanship and materials. The Warranty is valid for two (2) years from the date of delivery (“ Warranty Period ”). In the first twelve (12) months of the guarantee period, we will also cover the costs of a workshop visit by arrangement.

The electronics include the following individual parts:

  1. Control unit (display)
  2. wire harness
  3. Controller unit
  4. Sensors
  5. Drive/motor
  6. Brake lever electronics
4. What is not covered by the warranty

The warranty does not apply to the following:

  1. Wear parts that wear out over time, unless the defect is due to a defect in materials or workmanship,
  2. superficial damage caused during the warranty period, including scratches, dents and damaged plastic, unless the defect is due to a defect in materials or workmanship;
  3. Damage caused by improper assembly or installation of the product by the user,
  4. Damage caused by maintenance that contradicts the product's maintenance instructions (e.g. lack of brake maintenance) or by service work that was not carried out by our service partners within the scope of the guarantee,
  5. normal wear and tear, defects resulting from normal wear and tear or the normal aging of the product,
  6. Damage resulting from accidents, improper or negligent use, operation or modification of the product, fire, earthquake or other external causes
  7. Products reported stolen.

In the event of structural changes to the components of the drive system installed in the frame as well as to the engine or in the event of interventions in the software, all of our warranty obligations will expire. Our batteries are not covered by this warranty.

5. Procedure in the event of a warranty claim

Any claims must be addressed to us directly. In the event of a warranty claim, you can either use our complaint form or alternatively write an email to We would prefer the former because it simplifies the process for us. Claims can only be asserted upon presentation of the original invoice with the date of purchase within a limitation period of two (2) months after the occurrence of the warranty claim or, in the case of errors that are not immediately recognizable, within two (2) months after their discovery.

The use of these rights is free of charge and does not restrict your legal rights in the event of defects.

Please understand that repairs that have already been carried out (including the replacement of spare parts) cannot be claimed retroactively under the guarantee and we will not subsequently reimburse any costs for this.

If there is a warranty claim, we will replace the affected spare parts for you free of charge or have the product repaired by one of our partners. Alternatively, we can replace the product with the same model (or with your consent with a similar model) consisting of new or as good as new parts.

If we refer you to one of our partners for repairs, we will cover the costs that were approved by us in writing in the form of an official cost estimate before the repair was carried out. Completed invoices that have not been previously reconciled cannot be accepted.

During the guarantee period, you are not obliged to prove that the defect in the goods already existed when it was delivered. However, if there is any suspicion that the claims made are not true, we can request appropriate evidence.

Within the scope of the guarantee, we reserve the right to deliver or install different but equivalent goods when replacing components. For used parts, we also reserve the right to deliver or install parts appropriate to the age of the replaced part.

We also reserve the right to reclaim defective spare parts at our expense.

6. Other provisions

Our representatives, (service) partners or employees are not permitted to change the terms of this guarantee, extend them or add additional conditions.

If individual provisions of this guarantee are declared ineffective or unenforceable, the validity of these guarantee conditions remains unaffected.

These guarantee conditions are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.



The guarantee is valid for two (2) years (of this longer than the last moment on the ground of toepasselijke wet- of regelgeving zou Gelden) and is a vrijwille guarantee from Sushi Mobility GmbH ("wij" of "ons") as producer from SUSHI BIKES. The warranty is lost on the goods of one product, in the case of the goods on a SUSHI BIKE ("jij" of "jou"), extra rights, the rights have been lost by the wetting in the event of consumer protection (zie punt 2) . The betting rights have not been noticed by the guarantee.
The guarantee for the protection of the rights of the government and the protection against the loss of the rights of the Dutch government in the event of consumer protection has been established.
Jij als consumer kunt ervoor kiezen om een ​​beroep te doen op de prestatie onder deze guaranty of overeenkomstig je betlijke consumer rights. The bepalingen of the guarantee is a genuine niet of toepassing op aanspraken on the ground of betting rights of consumers.


As a product is broken, you can make the title 1 Afdeling 3 van Boek 7 van het Nederlands Burgerlijk Wetboek (Bijzondere gevolgen van niet-nakoming van de verplichtingen van de verkoper). This means that it is possible to set the broken voices to music of the niet aan de koopovereenkomst voldoen, kosteloos reparatie, vervanging, a korting of terugbetaling van de aankoopprijs kunt Eisen. Deze right money twee (2) jaar vanaf ontvangst van de levering.
Op onze products, in the area of ​​SUSHI BIKES, is also covered by the guarantee for toepassing. The guarantee is valid on the basis of a guarantee on the right to bet on the Dutch wetting in the form of consumer protection.
In India the door is open to the cooked product, which is not always available in the koopovereenkomst, so that the money in the overeenstemming met de Nederlandse wetgeving inzake consumerbescherming of the guarantee is guaranteed.
The product is not marked with the mark SUSHI must be cooked in the oven, also on the Dutch wetting in the form of consumer protection. This is a real rivet and has a guarantee.


We guarantee that the SUSHI BIKES also have other original parts and accessories for the SUSHI BIKES, which are designed to mark the SUSHI BIKES in the product of some of the manufacturers, as well as the hieronder opgesomde electronica vrij zijn van verwerkings- materiaalfouten. The guarantee is valid for two (2) years from the date of delivery (“guarantee period”). After the first twaalf (12) of the warranty period, the warranty period will be covered by the cost of the workstation (the fact that the repair will be made).

The electronics state with the following details:

  1. operating lake (display)
  2. cable boom
  3. controller unit
  4. sensor system
  5. aandrijving/motor
  6. remhendel-elektronica

The guarantee does not apply to:

  1. slijtdelen the na verloop van tijd slijten, tenzij het brek te wijten is aan materiaal- of verwerkingsfout;
  2. oppervlakkige pity the time of the guarantee period is ontstaan, waaronder krassen, deuken and damaged plastic, tenzij the defect the gevolg is van a materiaal- of verwerkingsfout;
  3. It's a shame on the door on juiste assembly of installation of the product door de gebruiker;
  4. It's a shame that there is no on-the-door on-the-hood in the strijd is with the on-the-door instructions for the product (bijvoorbeeld het niet on-the-housing of the remmen), of the service workshop which never performs on the service partners in the squad of the guarantee;
  5. normal slijtage, defecten veroorzaakt door normal slijtage of normal delivery of the product;
  6. a shame veroorzaakt door ongelukken, ondeswissen(e) of nalatig(e) gebruik, operating of changing van het product, brand, aardbeving of other external oorzaken;
  7. products that are reported as stolen.

There are changes in the structure of the frame, built-in components in the electrical system as well as in the motor and in the software components, as well as warranty obligations.

On the battery's value there is no guarantee. We offer a real, unique SUSHI BIKES battery and mobility service.


Any claims serve legal rights in the courts. In the case of a guarantee claim, you can contact us via the written form of an e-mail sent to The first option is for the customer, including the processing makkelijker maakt. The claims can only be made on the overlegging of the original fact with a return date within a term of two (2) maanden na het ontstaan ​​van het Garantiegeval op tighte van verval of bij niet onmiddellijk zichtbare fouten within twee (2) maanden na ontdekking daarvan.
The use of the right is free and available and the rights are not broken.
There is a need for the protection of the reeds and the repairs (including the repair of other parts) in the squad of the guarantee against the damage caused by the damage can be claimed and the subsequent costs were lost.
India has a right to guarantee that the goods are free of charge and we repair the product door to our partners. As an alternative, we can use a vervangend product from the hetzelfde model (of which the jouw toestemming van a vergelijkbaar model) the delivery points that is seeded uit nieuwe of bijna nieuwe onderdelen.

When we open the door to one of our partners for repairs, we do not have to pay the costs for the repair of the door on the written document. Afgesloten facts which never have been confirmed, can never be seen.
During the warranty period you are not obliged to confirm that the goods have been used before shipping. If he is able to confirm that the claims are not legal, we can ask for it.
Wij behouden ons in the squad of the guarantee het right for others, maar gelijkwaardige goederen te leveren of te monteren bij het vervangen van onderdelen. What concerns the inzet of used onderdelen behouden wij ons tevens het right voor om onderdelen te leveren of te monteren which qua leeftijd overeenkomen met het vervangen onderdeel.
Bovendien behouden wij ons the right to om - op onze costs - defecte onderdelen the front.


It is only one of the vertegenwoordigers, (service) partners of medewerkers not toegestaan ​​de voorwaarden van deze guaranty te wijzigen, uit te breiden of aanvullende voorwaarden toe te voegen.
India afzonderlijke bepalingen van deze guarantee ongeldig of onuitvoerbaar verklaard, zullen de overige bepalingen van deze guarantee hun full werking behouden.
The guarantee has been granted to the law of the German Bond Republic. When the order is placed as a consumer, the order is placed in another country and the order is placed in the moment that the order is placed, the toe-passing of the bidding bet is placed on the land door before the right hand corner is not touched.
The law bench of the Munich Regional Court is bevoegd knowledge te nemen van mogelijke schillen met othernemers.