General warranty conditions of SUSHI Mobility GmbH

1. General

This two (2) year limited warranty is a voluntary warranty from Sushi Mobility GmbH (“we” or “us”) as the manufacturer of the SUSHI BIKES. It grants the purchaser of our products, in particular the purchaser of a SUSHI BIKE ("You" or "Your"), additional rights independent of the rights granted by consumer protection laws (see Section 2). These statutory rights are not restricted by the guarantee.

Thus, the services under this guarantee are to be understood as a supplement and not as a substitute for the rights granted by German consumer protection laws.

You, as a consumer, can choose whether to claim performance under this guarantee or under your statutory consumer protection rights. However, the provisions of the guarantee do not apply to claims arising from statutory consumer protection rights.

2. Sushi products and the German consumer protection laws

If a product is defective, you can claim the rights under §§ 434 ff., §§ 474 ff. of the German Civil Code. This means that you can request repairs, replacements, a price reduction or a refund of the purchase price from us free of charge for goods that are defective or do not comply with the purchase contract. These rights are valid for two (2) years from receipt of delivery.

For our products, in particular the SUSHI BIKES, the guarantee also applies in accordance with these guarantee conditions. This guarantee applies independently of and in addition to your statutory rights under German consumer protection laws.

If the product you purchased from us has a defect or does not comply with the purchase contract, you can either assert a claim under German consumer protection laws or this guarantee.

Products that are not marked with the SUSHI brand but were purchased from us are also subject to German consumer protection laws. However, these are not covered by this guarantee.

3. Scope of Guarantee

We guarantee that the SUSHI BIKES bearing the SUSHI brand and other original parts and accessories of the SUSHI BIKES, of which we are the sole manufacturer, and the electronics listed below are free from processing and material defects. The warranty is valid for two (2) years from the delivery date ("Warranty Period"). In the first twelve (12) months of the warranty period, we will also cover the costs of a workshop visit.

The electronics include the following individual parts:

  1. Control unit (display)
  2. Wiring Harness
  3. Controller unit
  4. Sensors
  5. drive/motor
  6. Brake lever electronics
4. What is not covered by the warranty

The guarantee does not apply to the following:

  1. Consumables that wear out over time unless the defect is due to a defect in materials or workmanship,
  2. superficial damage including but not limited to scratches, dents, and damaged plastic occurring during the warranty period, unless the defect is due to a defect in materials or workmanship;
  3. Damage caused by improper assembly or installation of the product by the user,
  4. Damage caused by maintenance that is contrary to the product's maintenance instructions (e.g.lack of maintenance of the brakes), or caused by service work that was not carried out by our service partners within the scope of the guarantee,
  5. normal wear and tear, defects due to normal wear and tear or to the normal aging of the product,
  6. Damage resulting from accidents, improper or negligent use, operation or modification of the product, fire, earthquake or other external causes
  7. Products reported stolen

In the event of structural changes to the components of the drive system installed in the frame, as well as to the engine and in the event of interventions in the software, all of our warranty obligations expire.

Our batteries are not covered by this warranty. However, we offer you a separate SUSHI BIKES battery and mobility service.

5. Procedure in case of warranty

Any claims should be addressed to us directly. In the event of a warranty claim, you can either use our complaints form or alternatively write an email to We would prefer the former because it simplifies the process for us. Claims can only be asserted upon presentation of the original invoice with the date of purchase within an exclusion period of two (2) months after the occurrence of the guarantee case or, in the case of defects that are not immediately recognizable, within two (2) months after their discovery.

The exercise of these rights is free of charge and does not limit your statutory rights in the event of defects.

Please understand that repairs that have already been carried out (including the replacement of spare parts) cannot be claimed retrospectively within the framework of the guarantee and that we will not subsequently reimburse any costs for this.

If there is a warranty claim, we will replace the affected spare parts for you free of charge or have the product repaired by one of our partners. Alternatively, we can also replace the product for you with the same model (or a similar model with your consent) made up of new or refurbished parts.

If we refer you to one of our partners for repair, we will cover the costs that have been approved by us in writing in the form of an official cost estimate before the repair is carried out. Completed invoices that have not been reconciled beforehand cannot be accepted.

During the guarantee period, you are not obliged to prove that the defect in the goods already existed upon delivery. However, if there is a suspicion that the claims made are not true, we can demand the relevant evidence.

Within the scope of the guarantee, we reserve the right to supply or install different but equivalent goods when exchanging components. In the case of used parts, we also reserve the right to deliver or install parts corresponding to the age of the part that has been replaced.

We also reserve the right to reclaim defective spare parts at our expense.

6. Other determinations

Our representatives, (service) partners or employees are not permitted to change the terms of this guarantee, to extend it or to add additional terms.

Should individual provisions of this guarantee be declared invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining guarantee conditions shall remain unaffected.

These guarantee conditions are subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.