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California Roll 3.0
One size
Maki 3.0
S, M, L

California Roll 3.0

Fits almost like a glove! Our California Roll is made for almost everyone: you are ideally suited if you are between 1.60 m and 1.80 m tall. Thanks to the low entry, you can get on and off very easily - perfect for your daily trips through the city. Sit upright and enjoy every tour with maximum comfort.

Maki 3.0

To make it easier for you to choose your ideal SUSHI BIKE, here is an overview of which frame size fits which body size:

Rahmengröße Rahmenhöhe Körpergröße Empfohlene Schritthöhe
S 50 cm bis 172 cm bis 76 cm
M 55 cm 173 cm bis 179 cm 77 cm bis 79 cm
L 60 cm ab 180 cm ab 80 cm

Your height determines your comfort on the bike: choose a size that ensures you have a comfortable sitting position.

The step height is crucial for safety: it should provide sufficient space for quick and safe dismounting.

Outside of these sizes? No problem! Even if you are a little smaller or taller, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on the riding pleasure. We recommend that you take the bike for a test ride . This is the best way to feel whether the bike is right for you. There are also various options for customizing the bike with other accessories such as a different saddle or seat post.

Flexible return options: If the SUSHI BIKE doesn't fit perfectly, you can return it within 30 days of purchase. So you take no risk!

Determine stride length

The inseam is a crucial factor in finding the perfect frame size for your SUSHI BIKE. A correctly determined inseam ensures comfort and safety when riding. Here is a simple guide on how to measure your inseam:

Preparation: Take off your shoes and stand barefoot on a flat surface. It is best to wear thin clothing to allow for a more precise measurement.

Positioning: Place your feet about 15-20 cm apart – about the same distance as you would position the pedals when cycling.

Measurement: Take a tape measure and place it from the sole of the foot up to the crotch, where the legs meet. Make sure that the tape measure fits snugly against the body, but not too tightly.

Note: Read the measured value in centimeters and write it down. This is your stride length.

You can now use this inseam to determine the correct frame size based on the information in our size chart. A correct inseam ensures that you have enough space between the frame and your crotch, which is particularly important for being able to dismount quickly and safely.

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Frame height

The correct frame height improves comfort, control and efficiency while riding by enabling an ergonomic posture, easier maneuvering and effective power transfer.

The frame height is measured as the distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube.

Difference between tire and frame size

The frame size indicates the distance between the bottom bracket and the seat tube and determines how well the bike fits you. The wheel size indicates the diameter of the wheels in inches.

By the way, your SUSHI BIKE rolls on 28-inch wheels.

What happens if I ride a bike with the wrong frame size?

Even if the frame size isn't a perfect fit, don't worry. A bike that isn't exactly your ideal frame size can still be comfortable. A frame that's a little too small can result in a more compact riding position, while a frame that's a little too big can give you more legroom. Both can be comfortable in their own way and can suit your personal preferences and riding style.

Return if it doesn't fit.

Don't worry if you discover after purchase that the frame size of your SUSHI BIKE is not quite optimal. With our 30-day return guarantee, you can test the bike in peace at home. If the frame size does not fit perfectly, you have the option of returning the bike to us easily and without complications.

Adapt the bike to you

If your SUSHI BIKE doesn't quite fit, you can easily adjust it. Standard components such as saddles and handlebars are available on the market and allow you to improve the ergonomics of your bike. This makes your SUSHI BIKE the perfect companion.

Maximum total weight

The total permissible weight for your SUSHI BIKE, including the bike itself, is 120 kg. The bike is robustly built and will not be directly damaged if this limit is occasionally exceeded. However, it is important to respect this weight limit to ensure the safety and performance of the bike and to avoid violating the warranty conditions.

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  • California Roll 3.0

    160cm - 180cm

  • Maki 3.0 - S

    up to 172cm

  • Maki 3.0 - M

    173cm to 179cm

  • Maki 3.0 - L

    from 180cm

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