Size Advisor

The Maki 3.0 is available in frame sizes S, M and L. To find the perfect size for you, we recommend:

Frame size S (50 cm frame height) fits best if you are shorter than 172 cm.
Frame size M (55 cm frame height) is ideal for you if you are between 173 and 179 cm tall.
Frame size L (60 cm frame height) is best if you are over 180 cm tall.

But it's not just your height that's important, your step height also plays a big role. A frame that is too high can be risky, especially if you need to get off quickly. It is important that there is enough space between the frame and your crotch. Check your inseam height with these measurements to find the best frame size for you:

Maki 3.0 S : step height up to 76 cm
Maki 3.0 M : Crotch height 77 to 79 cm
Maki 3.0 L : step height from 80 cm

So if you measure more than 83 cm, the Maki 3.0 in frame size L is just right for you. If the inseam is 83 cm or less, we recommend size M, and so on.

You can find more tips on the right frame size in our blog article about geometry and frame size .