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E-bikes on installments: Convenient and flexible with your own SUSHI BIKE

Would you like to buy an e-bike, but the purchase price is a financial hurdle for you? Although e-bikes are no longer luxury products, the high purchase costs of an e-bike compared to a conventional bicycle can initially be overwhelming. Our goal is to make green mobility accessible and affordable for everyone. With our practical financing options you can easily pay for your SUSHI BIKE in installments. Here you can find out how you can use the SUSHI BIKE installment payment.

Financing an e-bike in installments: Is it worth it?

E-bikes have experienced a real boom in recent years - and for good reason. They offer numerous advantages over conventional bicycles and other means of transport, especially in urban areas. With your SUSHI BIKE you can reach your destination relaxed and without much physical exertion. Electric assistance makes driving easier and allows you to cover longer distances effortlessly. You are no longer dependent on public transport timetables and can easily avoid traffic jams. Finding a parking space and annoying walks are a thing of the past. Whether you're moving around the city or exploring the country, an e-bike is the perfect choice.

Whether an e-bike is worth it for you personally depends on your individual situation and your needs. The high purchase costs of an e-bike are particularly an important factor in the decision. Anyone who uses their e-bike for their daily commute has the option of leasing it as a company bike through their employer. If this option does not exist, you can also finance your SUSHI BIKE with an installment payment.

SUSHI BIKE Payment in installments: These options are available

If you would like to buy your e-bike in installments, we offer you the following options in our shop :

Alma - 0% financing over four months

With Alma you can pay for your e-bike in convenient installments. You decide on the term and choose between three or four installments. As soon as your order has been confirmed, the first debit will be made. The following installments will be deducted monthly until payment is completed in full.

Your biggest advantage when paying in installments with Alma: 0% financing. This option ensures that you do not have to pay any additional interest on your installments.

PayPal - Financial flexibility through payment in installments

PayPal also offers you a convenient installment payment option for purchasing your SUSHI BIKE. You can choose between terms of 3, 6, 12 or 24 months, depending on your individual needs. The monthly installments are debited directly from your PayPal account. The costs vary depending on the term and amount chosen. Paying in installments with PayPal also offers you the advantage of buyer protection. If there are any problems with your order, PayPal customer service is available to assist you with clarification.

This is how you buy your SUSHI BIKE on installments

Buying your own SUSHI BIKE has never been easier. Follow these steps to receive your e-bike in convenient installments:

  • Select your desired SUSHI BIKE and your individual accessories from our shop, add it to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout
  • Follow the checkout process until you reach the payment methods and select either Alma or PayPal as the payment method.
  • You have chosen Alma:
    After you click “Review Order,” you will be redirected to Alma to safely complete your purchase. The first debit will be made immediately after the booking is confirmed.
  • You have chosen PayPal:
    After you click “Check Order”, you will be redirected to PayPal. Be careful, you can also pay directly here. Instead, you choose to pay in installments. Decide on the term you want (3, 6, 12 or 24 months) and complete the purchase.

Fulfill your dream of your high-quality e-bike without overtaxing yourself financially. With our practical installment payment options from Alma and PayPal you can pay for your SUSHI BIKE step by step.

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