Fahrradpass: Dein Schlüssel zur Sicherheit für dein SUSHI BIKE

Bicycle pass: Your key to security for your SUSHI BIKE

Unfortunately, bicycle thefts are not uncommon in Germany - they are part of everyday life. We all know the unpleasant feeling in the stomach when our beloved bike is suddenly no longer where we left it. Anger and rage over the theft mix with a touch of helplessness. But you can counteract this feeling by taking preventive measures. A bike pass – in paper form or as an app – can, for example, help you recover your bike or e-bike in the event of theft.

According to police crime statistics, 233,584 stolen bicycles were reported nationwide in 2021 alone . The stolen bikes are often resold at flea markets and online. Some of the bikes are also taken abroad to make money from them. The prospect of getting your beloved bike back seems minimal. Especially if you are missing important information such as the frame number or even a simple photo of your bike. With a bike pass, you increase your chances of success and have all the important information right at your fingertips.

Prevention: This is how you protect your SUSHI BIKE from theft

To fundamentally protect your bike from theft, you can take various security precautions. The General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) recommends not only locking the bike, but also connecting it to fixed objects such as gutters, street lights or fences. Ideally, don't just rely on a single lock, but always lock your bike at least twice - ideally with different lock systems.

Eye-catching and unique bikes are less likely to be stolen because they are harder to resell. In many places, the municipality or local police also offer individual bike coding to give your bike a unique code. It's best to find out for yourself whether coding your bike is possible in your city.

Create a bicycle pass: This is how you receive the document

However , if a theft occurs despite all precautionary measures, the prevention tips will not help you. This is where the bike pass comes into play, which can help you find your stolen bike. The bike pass contains all the important information about your bike. Please note, however, that it does not represent proof of ownership.

There are various ways to get a bike pass for your SUSHI BIKE . You can have the bike pass issued free of charge at your local police station. In addition, there are some bicycle dealers and insurance providers who offer free printable bicycle passes.

No more paperwork: the bike pass app

If you don't want to carry around another paper document, you can also use the bike pass digitally. The police's official bike pass app is currently being revised and is therefore currently not available. A good alternative is the BikeManager app from the insurance company Wert Garantie. You can find this free app in both iOS App Store and Google Playstore for Android smartphones.

Alternatively, you can create a digital pass on the Fahrradpass.info platform . There you can also report your bike as stolen or check whether offers on the Internet are stolen goods.

Why do I need a bike pass?

Regardless of whether you choose the analogue or digital bike pass – the content is the same. You enter all relevant information about your bike in your bike pass. This includes information such as the brand, model, frame number, color, coding (if available) and a photo of your bike. In addition, additional information such as the value of the bike, insurance, the bike lock used and other features or accessories can be provided.

The more detailed the information is, the easier it will be to file a report in the event of theft. You also make it easier for the police to clearly identify your bike. This can speed up the process and get your bike back quicker. You can also send the bike pass to the insurance company to report the theft and make a claim.

Overall, the bike pass offers a valuable opportunity to protect your bike, e-bike or e-scooter and to significantly improve the chances of recovery in the event of theft.

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