neues SUSHI Bikes LCD Display für dien E-Bike

How-To retrofit 🔩

Do you love your SUSHI but would you also like more range and ergonomics?

Then take a look at what we have for you here.

Over the last 2 years we have taken your feedback very seriously and based on it we have developed our new SUSHI+ models. Since we always think first and foremost about our existing customers and the idea of ​​sustainability plays a major role for us, one thing was clear to us from the start: there would be an upgrade option in the form of retrofit kits for all those on the road so far give rolling SUSHIs. 🍥🚲

Retrofit kit Ergo
Retrofit kit drive

With the
Ergo retrofit kit you can achieve the comfort of the new Maki+ in no time. With the more ergonomic handlebars, the more comfortable saddle and the shorter and more stylish brake levers, riding your Maki becomes even more comfortable. 🙌 Wider tires are not included in the kit, but these can also be ordered and retrofitted in our shop as desired.
If you value even more power and range, the drive retrofit kit would probably be just the thing for you. With the Akku+ and the associated battery holder including controller, you can achieve an electric range of up to 75 km in the city and always have your speed and battery level in view with the new LCD display.

LCD display with innovative tilt function

Speaking of the display. The new display is compatible with all SUSHI BIKES. You can easily order it via our shop and assemble it yourself in just a few minutes.

❗️Before you jump straight into our shop, here are two important pieces of information for you:

1️⃣ In addition to the new + models, we are currently still selling the Maki and California Roll for only €999. Because these have by no means gone bad and do not have a best-before date. 😉 For customers who want to drive their SUSHI in the fall, the first generation SUSHIs would be a good alternative to the new models, as they have a shortened delivery time.

2️⃣ Be careful when ordering your mudguards! If you want to buy mudguards, make sure you choose the right product. You can find them in our shop Mudguards (for your Maki), as well as the Mudguards+ (for your Maki+) each in three sizes, analogous to the frame size of your bike.

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