SUSHI BIKES is the official Jobrad partner in Austria

  • Registration

    Make sure that you and your employer are registered with JobRad. If your company is not yet a partner, write us an email .

  • Selection

    Choose your SUSHI BIKE with suitable accessories. After review by your employer, we can finalize the order.

  • Invoice

    Your SUSHI BIKE will be delivered to your home. You simply pay via your pay slip and can save up to 40% compared to a private purchase.


What are the advantages of leasing through JobRad?

As soon as you lease a SUSHI BIKE through JobRad, you automatically receive JobRad fully comprehensive insurance including the JobRad mobility guarantee. Depending on your employer, additional options such as the JobRad inspection or the JobRad full service may also be included.

If, for example, you have a breakdown with your SUSHI BIKE, that's no problem. With the JobRad mobility guarantee, you automatically receive an emergency number that you can call 24/7.

How high is my leasing rate?

The monthly installments for your SUSHI BIKE are automatically deducted from your monthly salary. Thanks to the tax incentives, you save up to 40% compared to a traditional purchase. You can calculate your personal benefit using the free JobRad benefit calculator (see above).

I have reached the end of my contract, what happens next?

JobRad offers you as a customer the opportunity to purchase your leased SUSHI BIKE after the contract period has expired.

Can I also order accessories via JobRad?

When you sign a leasing contract, you can order accessories that can be leased and benefit from the tax advantages here too. This includes components that are permanently installed on the bike, such as mudguards, luggage racks, bells, stands, and also locks. Unfortunately, you can no longer add accessories for your company bike to the leasing contract afterwards.

Where can I apply for a SUSHI BIKE leasing via JobRad?

Would you like to apply for your SUSHI BIKE through JobRad? First check whether your employer has JobRad as a leasing partner. If this is not the case, you can talk to your superiors or contact JobRad for more information.

If your employer supports JobRad, you register on their website and set up an account. You can then immediately select the SUSHI BIKE of your dreams and place your order using our link (above).