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Despite the low price, our products can impress with their high quality. If you still notice a defect, we will be happy to help you rectify it.

  • 24 month voluntary guarantee

    We offer a voluntary two-year guarantee on certain parts of your SUSHI BIKE. In the first year, after consultation, you will be reimbursed for the costs of a workshop visit.

  • Implied warranties

    As a consumer, you have the right to a statutory warranty of two years from delivery. This also applies if your SUSHI BIKE is passed on to someone else.


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SUSHI BIKES Complaint – if something is wrong with your bike

How can I complain about a product?

Despite the low price, our products can impress with their high quality. If you still notice a defect in your product, we will be happy to help you resolve it. You then have the choice of asserting your claim in accordance with German consumer protection laws or in accordance with the SUSHI BIKES guarantee.

How does the SUSHI BIKES guarantee differ from the statutory warranty? As a buyer, do I have to pay in advance for a repair?

If the goods are defective, you are generally entitled to a legal warranty in Germany (§§ 434 ff., §§ 474 ff. of the Civil Code). This claim expires after two years from delivery. Good to know: The legal warranty is not tied to the original purchaser, but rather to the product. During these two years, the following applies: Within the first twelve months from the delivery date, it is assumed that a material defect already existed at the time of purchase. After this period has expired, the burden of proof lies with the buyer - this process is called reversal of the burden of proof. A guarantee, on the other hand, is always a voluntary service that applies independently of and in addition to your legal rights under German consumer protection laws. The following applies here: A guarantee is tied to the original purchaser and not to the product. At SUSHI BIKES we offer a 24 month guarantee on certain parts. The advantage of the guarantee: As part of the guarantee, we cover the costs for repairs and spare parts, even if the burden of proof already lies with the buyer, without the buyer having to provide proof of this. If we refer you to one of our partners for repairs, we will cover the costs that were approved by us in writing in the form of an official cost estimate before the repair was carried out. Completed invoices that have not been previously reconciled cannot be accepted.

How long is the SUSHI BIKES guarantee valid? Which parts does the SUSHI BIKES guarantee cover?

The warranty is valid for two years from the delivery date. We guarantee that all original parts, the electronics listed below and accessories for which we are the sole manufacturer are free from defects in workmanship and materials. The electronics include the following individual parts: Control unit (display), cable harness, controller unit, sensors, drive/motor, brake lever electronics

Does the SUSHI BIKES guarantee also include workshop visits? What is not covered by the SUSHI BIKES guarantee?

In the first twelve months of the guarantee period, we will cover the costs of a workshop visit by prior arrangement. The guarantee does not apply to: - wearing parts, unless the defect is due to a defect in material or workmanship - superficial damage, such as scratches, dents or damaged plastic, unless the defect is due to a defect in material or workmanship - Damage caused by improper assembly or installation of the product by the user - Damage caused by maintenance that contradicts the product's maintenance instructions (e.g. lack of brake maintenance) or by service work not carried out by us Service partners: within the scope of the guarantee, damage caused by accidents, improper or negligent use, operation or redesign of the product, fires, earthquakes or other external causes Important: In the event of structural changes to the parts in the frame Installed components of the drive system as well as on the engine and in the event of interventions in the software will void all of our warranty obligations.

What can I do if my battery is defective? Do I have to prove a defect in order to make a complaint?

Our batteries are not covered by the warranty. Instead, in this case we offer you a separate SUSHI BIKES battery and mobility service. In concrete terms, this means: Within two years of the delivery date, you have the option of sending your battery to us for performance testing at your own expense in the event of a loss of performance. Simply contact our customer service. As soon as we receive your battery, we will send you a replacement battery with a performance of at least 90 percent. There is a processing fee of 15 euros for this, which we will reimburse you in the following cases: - your battery shows a loss of performance of over 10 percent in the first twelve months - your battery shows a loss of performance from the 13th to the 24th month of over 30 percent. In any case, you keep the replacement battery and we keep the battery you sent to us in exchange. During the guarantee period, you are not obliged to prove that the defect in the goods already existed when it was delivered. However, if there is any suspicion that the claims made are not true, we can request appropriate evidence.

How do I proceed in the event of a warranty claim? Can repair costs also be claimed retroactively under the warranty?

In the event of a warranty claim, you can either report using our complaint form or alternatively write an email to Claims can only be asserted upon presentation of the original invoice with the date of purchase within a limitation period of two months after the occurrence of the warranty claim or, in the case of errors that are not immediately recognizable, within two months after their discovery. The use of these rights is free of charge and does not limit your legal rights in the event of defects. Please understand that repairs that have already been carried out (including the replacement of spare parts) cannot be claimed retroactively under the guarantee. We will not subsequently reimburse any costs for this. If there is a warranty claim, we will replace the affected spare parts for you free of charge or have the product repaired by one of our partners. Alternatively, we can also replace the product with the same model (or, with your consent, with a similar model) that consists of new or as-new parts.