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Tire changing set for bikes

Tire changing set for bikes

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If you travel a lot with your SUSHI BIKE, you'll need to change your bike tube at some point. We all know how annoying that can be. This set provides relief!

It consists of three tire levers from M-Wave and two bicycle tubes from Continental:
The tire levers have a double hook for hanging into the spokes and a wide lever surface. This makes removing or putting on the tire casing very easy.
Two of the Continental Tour 28 all bicycle tubes are included in the set. This gives you the option of changing the front and rear wheels at the same time while you're at it, or you can keep a tube as a spare. The tubes have a French valve (60 mm) and are designed for 28" tires 32/47-622/635 suitable. These bicycle tubes offer the perfect balance between rolling resistance and puncture protection, making them ideal for everyday use of your SUSHI BIKE.


The set includes : 3 x tire levers, 2 x bicycle tubes

M-Wave tire lever:

3 pieces in a set

• Color: Black

• Material: Plastic

• 2-fold hook for hanging in the spokes

• Wide lever surface for easy removal and installation of the tire casing

Bicycle tube Continental Tour 28 all:

Dimensions: 32/47-622/635 - 28"

Material: butyl

Valve type: French valve - 60mm extra long

Weight: 170g


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