Wie E-Bike fahren mit Behinderung Leben verändern kann

How riding an e-bike with a disability can change lives

Riding an e-bike can change your life - especially if you have a physical limitation. With an electric bike you can finally be mobile again and enjoy your freedom. Find out here, including Marvin's story, how riding an e-bike can have a positive impact on your life.

Why riding an e-bike with a disability can change your life

We asked Marvin how he actually got into riding e-bikes:

“I have always traveled a lot by bike because it is the easiest, fastest, cheapest and most comfortable way to get around the city. In 2022 I lost my leg in an avalanche accident and I have been using a prosthesis ever since. That's why I lack the power in my right leg and I can replace it perfectly with the help of the e-bike. This helps me enormously, especially on climbs and thanks to the e-bike I can do everything in the city by bike even after the accident.”

Riding an e-bike can be a life-changing experience for people with disabilities. It can increase mobility and independence and open up a new world of freedom. With the support of the electric motor, obstacles and barriers can be overcome when cycling, resulting in improved physical well-being. In addition, riding an e-bike can also promote social integration and participation in social life. It is also financially more affordable compared to other forms of transportation for people with disabilities. Testimonials from people who have positively changed their lives by riding an e-bike show that there is an excellent aid for people with different disabilities. When considering purchasing an electric bike or assistive device, you should focus on your individual needs and consider different options. The conclusion is clear: Riding an e-bike with a disability can bring about a positive change in your life!

Increased mobility and independence with an e-bike

An e-bike can make everyday life enormously easier for people with disabilities. It allows for increased mobility and independence as one can travel longer distances due to the assistance of the electric motor. Inclines or headwinds are no longer a problem. This means that people with disabilities can, for example, get to work or doctor's appointments more easily. But new opportunities also open up for leisure activities, such as trips into the countryside or tours through the city.

By riding an e-bike, people with disabilities can also be better integrated into society and participate in social life. For example, you can take part in shared bike tours or simply cycle through the city in a relaxed manner. In addition to these positive effects, an e-bike also offers financial savings compared to other means of transport for people with disabilities. For example, costs for local public transport or a car can be saved. Overall, there are many reasons why riding an e-bike with a disability can make a positive change in your life. It is therefore worth testing different types of electric aids and choosing the right electric bike or aid for your individual needs.

Health benefits of riding an e-bike for people with disabilities

But it's not just the improved mobility that is an advantage of riding an e-bike. There are also health benefits , as you move more and thus strengthen your immune system and train your circulation and muscles. Riding an e-bike can also strengthen the body and increase endurance, which is particularly important for people with physical limitations. The electric motor supports you when pedaling and thus relieves pressure on the joints, which can reduce pain.

Mental health can also benefit from regular cycling as it reduces stress and increases well-being. In addition, riding an e-bike can also help people with disabilities spend more time outdoors and thus benefit from the positive effects of nature on the body and mind.

When we asked Marvin what feeling a ride on the SUSHI BIKE makes him feel, he answered the following:

“The best feeling is when the traffic light turns green, I drive off and overtake the car next to me for a brief moment. For me, it's also a feeling of freedom when I can weave past the cars stuck in traffic jams in the city and see that I'm faster than all the other road users and that I'm also doing something good for the environment. After being in a wheelchair for a few months after the accident and losing this freedom, I now appreciate it even more."

In short: Overall, the e-bike offers an excellent opportunity to stay or become healthy, regardless of physical impairments.

Accessibility when cycling thanks to the support of an electric motor

Another benefit of riding an e-bike for people with disabilities is overcoming obstacles and greater accessibility when cycling. Thanks to the support of an electric motor, steep hills, long distances and difficult terrain can be overcome more easily. The electric motor also makes driving against the wind or in unfavorable weather conditions less strenuous. This allows mobility and independence for people with physical limitations or chronic illnesses who would otherwise have difficulty cycling. Greater flexibility in everyday life can also help them to participate more actively in social life. Some models of e-bikes have even been developed specifically for people with disabilities and offer additional features such as a lower entry height, wider tires or a comfortable saddle.

Social integration and participation in social life by riding an e-bike

Riding an e-bike can not only lead to increased mobility and independence, but also improve social integration and participation in social life. People with disabilities can often have difficulty participating in certain activities or events due to their limitations. An electric bike makes it easier to overcome obstacles such as steep hills or long distances, opening up a wider range of destinations and activities. An e-bike also makes cycling together with friends or family easier and more pleasant for people with disabilities. Additionally, riding an electric bike can provide a new sense of freedom and confidence, which can contribute to positive change in life.

Financial savings compared to other means of transport

A disability often also means financial restrictions. However, purchasing an e-bike can lead to significant savings in the long term. Compared to other means of transport such as cars or public transport, the e-bike is a cost-effective alternative. The maintenance costs are low and there are no costs for petrol or tickets. An e-bike also offers the opportunity to cover short distances within the city quickly and easily without having to rely on expensive taxis or public transport. The maintenance costs are also significantly lower compared to a car. Investing in an e-bike can therefore not only have a positive impact on mobility and health, but also offer long-term financial benefits.

Tips for buying the right electric bike

If you decide to buy an electric bike or aid, it is important that you take your time, get well-informed and get advice. There are many different types of electrical assistive devices for people with different disabilities, each with different functions.

Before you buy an electric bike or accessory, you should consider your individual needs and requirements. Think about what type of support you need and which model suits you best. For example, if you have difficulty pedaling, a Pedelec with a more powerful motor could be a good choice. If you have difficulty balancing, a three-wheel e-bike might be a better option. It's also important to consider how much space you need for your electric bike or accessory and whether it fits into your budget. By considering these factors and making an informed decision, you can ensure that your electric bike or assistive device is perfectly suited to your needs and will help you lead a more active life.

We at SUSHI BIKES would be happy to advise you to check whether an e-bike from us would suit you and your individual needs. Please contact us using the following form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Alternatively, there may be one of our partners near you where you can arrange a test drive or a consultation appointment.


Riding an e-bike can make a positive difference in the lives of people with disabilities. It offers the opportunity to feel more independent and mobile and to overcome obstacles that would be insurmountable when cycling without electrical assistance. There are also health benefits: regular e-bike riding can strengthen muscles and improve endurance. But riding an e-bike can have a big impact not only physically, but also socially. It enables participation in social life and can lead to increased integration. Riding an e-bike can also mean financial savings as it is more cost-effective compared to other means of transport. Experience reports from people with disabilities show that riding an e-bike has positively changed their lives and given them more freedom and self-determination. There are different types of electric assistive devices for people with different disabilities, so it is important to choose the right electric bike or assistive device based on individual needs.

In summary, riding an e-bike with a disability can bring about a positive change in life and offers many advantages that should not be underestimated.

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