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Is an e-bike worth it?

Under what circumstances is an e-bike worthwhile?

For a long time, e-bikes were considered a new status symbol that only people with the necessary change could afford. With SUSHI BIKES, Pedelecs are finally becoming suitable for the masses. But who are motorized bicycles actually made for?

Today, the e-bike is no longer a luxury product that can only be used for excursions. SUSHI BIKES and other e-bikes are ideal for everyone who likes to move outdoors without much physical effort. In the country as well as in the big city. Electric assistance makes driving easier and allows you to cover longer distances without much effort.

A SUSHI BIKE can even be a practical option for families or single mothers and fathers. With a trailer or child seat, even the little ones can feel the wind. The electrical support from the motor takes the load off your shoulders. It makes it possible to cover longer distances and overcome difficult terrain more easily. E-bikes are also an attractive option for students to reach campus quickly and comfortably.

Costs: Train, fuel, SUSHI BIKE - what is the cheapest option?

An important factor when deciding on an e-bike is the cost compared to other means of transport such as the train or your own car. Although an e-bike is relatively expensive to purchase, it is worth comparing with the alternatives. We'll explain what you should pay attention to.

To do this, you should first become aware of how much money you spend each month on your train ticket or your car. Especially when owning a car, the price of fuel should also be taken into account in addition to the fixed costs. An old rule of thumb says that the average monthly maintenance cost for a car is €300. Calculated over a whole year, that’s €3,600. For this amount you even get two SUSHI BIKES from us. Switching to a Pedelec or e-bike is worth it after just six months.

Don't you own a car? Instead, you use public transport? A comparison can also be worthwhile for you. For example, if you pay €49 per month for your Germany ticket, you will pay an annual amount of €588. With a purchase price of €1,400, an e-bike will be worth it after just two and a half years of use.

Whether an e-bike is worth it for you depends of course on your individual situation. If you have to drive an hour to work by car, you obviously cannot cover this distance on an e-bike every day. But people in the city in particular are no longer necessarily dependent on their own car. Here it is worth comparing the price with a SUSHI BIKE.

Is e-bike leasing an option for me?

If you want to avoid the high purchase costs, you have another option: leasing an e-bike through your employer. You can lease your SUSHI BIKE as a company vehicle through providers such as Jobrad or DeutscheArbeitsrad. The leasing payments are paid directly through your salary and your employer takes care of the paperwork. Depending on the model and tax class, you can save up to 40% of the purchase price. E-bike leasing can also be worthwhile for the self-employed thanks to tax advantages.

Advantages of the e-bike compared to other means of transport

In direct comparison with other means of transport, the e-bike performs well. Because it is environmentally friendly, practical, comparatively inexpensive and easy to use. You don't need a driving license to ride an e-bike. At least as long as you don't break 45km/h. In city traffic, you can roll past traffic jams and save yourself the hassle of searching for a parking space when you reach your destination.

Compared to a normal bike, the bike's electric support gives you an extra push. You move faster and ride uphill or in headwinds without sweating, while others pedal on their traditional bikes.

You may be more environmentally friendly by bus and train than by car, but public transport is never the fastest option. If you get on your SUSHI BIKE, you'll be out in the open and usually get there faster. But that's not all. You're also where you actually want to go and you don't have to walk ten minutes from the subway station.

E-bike and health

Although a motor supports you when cruising on the SUSHI BIKE, regular riding will have positive effects on your health. After all, you’re still pedaling. This physical activity strengthens the cardiovascular system and trains the leg muscles and endurance. The best side effect: calorie consumption!

Compared to many other sports, the movements on the bike are easy on the joints. This makes cycling a great activity for older people or people with joint problems. Cycling can also improve your mental health. Spending time in the fresh air, exercising and experiencing your surroundings can reduce stress and increase well-being.

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