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Terms are thrown around here! That's why we've put together a list of the most relevant and discussion-worthy terms, along with explanations.


Ampere is the electrical unit for current.


Ampere hours are a unit of electrical charge. It indicates the current that can be drawn from the battery over a period of one hour. The SUSHI battery has 9.6 Ah.


The unit volt indicates the voltage of the current. The motor of the SUSHI BIKES has a voltage of 24 volts (V).


Torque is a physical unit that describes how much power the engine uses to turn the wheel.


Your SUSHI BIKE is a Pedelec. The term Pedelec stands for Pedal Electric Cycle. Pedelecs are the most common type of e-bike. With Pedelecs, the cyclist can only be supported by the motor while pedaling, which means that Pedelecs are hybrid with (electric) motor and muscle power.

E-Bike vs. Pedelec: Wo liegt der Unterschied?
E-Bike vs. Pedelec: What is the difference?

Hey you, do you know what the difference is between an e-bike and a Pedelec? It's not just another name for the same thing. In this blog post, you'll learn the differences...

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By definition, e-bikes are bikes that do not require any effort to ride. E-bikes run solely on the integrated electric motor.


Inch is a unit of measurement that is very common for bicycles. One inch corresponds to 25.4 millimeters. All SUSHI BIKES models have 28 inch wheels - regardless of the frame height.


The SUSHI motor is a powerful 24 V / 200 W hub motor that lets you accelerate sportily and ride fast for a long time.

We supply a road traffic ordinance-compliant lighting set with every SUSHI BIKE. This can be charged via USB and you can attach and remove it as you wish. The lights are integrated in the 3.0 models and are powered by the battery.


In general, all installed parts are weatherproof. All SUSHI BIKES are certified to IPX4 DIN splash water standard - riding in the rain or leaving your bike outside is no problem. In sub-zero temperatures, the battery should be removed and stored in a warm place. Basically, the more carefully you treat your battery, the longer it will last.


The permissible total weight of your SUSHI BIKE is 120 kg.

battery pack

Warum verwenden wir eigentlich Akkus für unsere SUSHI BIKES?
Why do we actually use batteries for our SUSHI BIKES?

We build e-bikes because we firmly believe that they are the ideal means of transport in the city and therefore have the potential to replace cars there . Distances travelled by e-bikes...

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Convert your e-bike

neues SUSHI Bikes LCD Display für dien E-Bike
How-To retrofit 🔩

Do you love your SUSHI but would you also like more range and ergonomics? Then take a look at what we have for you here. Over the last 2 years we have...

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    Experience the perfect symbiosis of safety and style with your SUSHI BIKE! The integrated lights, powered by the powerful battery, not only light up the road, but also give your e-bike an extra dose of style.

  • Innovative display

    No frills, easy to use without an app! Even with gloves by simply pressing.


    These brakes not only guarantee smooth stopping, but also give your ride a lot of style.

  • Puncture-proof tires

    Our tires are (almost) indestructible! Thanks to a special woven fiber, sharp objects are no longer a problem!

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