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Thanks to this floor pump your SUSHI BIKE never runs out of air!

A flexible hose, rubberized soft grips and a non-slip foot plate ensure that the inflation of the tires is very easy by hand. The pump allows a maximum air pressure of 160 psi or 11 bar and the universal double pump head is suitable for the most common valve types (car valve, Dunlop Express valve and French valve). So with this air pump you are well advised.


- Color: Black

- Material: Steel

- With pressure gauge

-Max. Air pressure 160 psi / 11 bar


-Rubberizedsoft grip

- Anti-slip foot plate

- Universal double pump head (suitable for car valve, Dunlop express valve and French valve)


In case of bike order, we will ship your accessories with the bike. If you need the item earlier, please order it separately. The shipment of accessories is free of charge for you in any case.

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