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B-stock e-bike - California Roll+

B-stock e-bike - California Roll+

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B-stock declared

Get your Maki+ from our B-Ware shop and make a big contribution to our sustainability strategy: Riding a B-Ware bike doesn't just mean another SUSHI BIKE on the roads, but at the same time you contribute to the efficient use of resources . For many of us, bikes are everyday items and small scratches are part of the whole thing. That's why we want to give the SUSHI BIKES that were returned due to visual defects a second chance - and that could be yours at the same time! ;)

  • A - Best: Not driven - only assembled once - minor visual defects
  • B - Better: Already driven - occasional visual defects
  • C - Good: Already driven several times - major visual defects

All B-Ware bikes go through a testing process. The defects are solely optical errors. Of course, these vary from bike to bike, both in terms of locations and numbers. We put a lot of effort into classifying the B-stock bikes and would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us in this regard.